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The Tree Keepers

The Tree Keepers

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by Gemma Koomen

Ages: 4-7 years


At the edge of the woods,
There is a great tree. Peep through the
Branches and you might just see some little
people who stand as tall as your thumb and
have heads the size of hazelnuts.

"This charming debut picture book about the joys of nature and making Friends... is illuminated with a naivety that is both elegant and child-friendly." - The Sunday Times

Extract from the book: 

"If you look very closely,
you'll see the Tree Keepers busy
working together. They polish the
buds, harvest the fruit and collect
the dew.

Nurture and mend,
gather and tend,
that's what Tree Keepers do."

Why we like The Tree Keepers

The Tree Keepers has a wonderful message about community and friendships; the artwork is as magical as the story!