About Us

Our Vision 

Wee Bookworms is a family-run business. At the heart of this business is a love for books! In our fast-paced world we sometimes forget how important it is to slow down and embrace a medium that has fascinated, educated and entertained for centuries. Books give us a link to our past, present and future. Books help us to make sense of the world and inspire us to reach for new heights and possibilities. Wee Bookworms have a big mission: We want to give children around the world the gift of reading.

Wee Bookworms Book Subscriptions


It is all about embracing children's books and thus, the written word and illustrations! Our monthly book deliveries contain a book that encourages the recipient’s creativity and learning. The first book parcel also includes a gift, a bookworm certificate, a bookmark and a personalised message from you to your recipient. 


The Founder and Director of Wee Bookworms

A love of books has accompanied me throughout my life. Perhaps my perception of books is slightly odd but I perceive them as companions!  Throughout all those years, I had many adventures and a good book was always an essential participant that helped me to reflect on events and encouraged me to go on. Books helped me greatly in difficult times and they continue to have a profound effect on my life. 

I enjoy reading all sorts of books. When I was about 8 years old, I had 'geological phase' - I was extremely interested in stones. So I read a lot of books about stones and collecting gemstones (and eventually I wanted to become a pirate?!). Then, perhaps when I was 10 years old, I wanted to become a marine biologist and explorer and thus I started reading everything I could find about whales and dolphins. I obtained a BA (Hons) in English and History which was followed by a Master's in Early Childhood Education. As you can see, I never became a pirate but an explorer! I think it is important to encourage and support interests, whether they are fleeting or lasting. 

And now all those stories, words, illustrations, all those books, whether the beautifully illustrated picture book that I tried to read when I was four or my favourite novel that still makes me cry, every single book that I have read encouraged me to make Wee Bookworms possible. The mission is to gift the gift of reading to children across the world whilst the Classics of times past are also not forgotten.

Each book that is chosen by one of our team members is not only educational but also fun and entertaining. 

I strongly believe that books should play an important role in every child's life. Most of us can remember those cosy moments when we were equipped with a hot chocolate and a blanket,  whilst our mother or father, granny or granddad read to us. This is how lasting memories are made.