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Premium Children Book Subscription (6-9 Years)

Premium Children Book Subscription (6-9 Years)

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📖 Only Premium New Books
🎓 Chosen By A Child Development Expert
👨‍👩‍👦 Every Parcel Unique To Each Recipient
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About Our Children's Book Subscription

Each month with the Children's book subscription, the recipient will receive a gift-wrapped book carefully chosen by a qualified early development specialist & bookworm. Your first Children's book subscription parcel also includes:

  • a FREE extra sign up gift (gift-wrapped)
  • a bespoke letter with your message
  • our official Wee Bookworm Certificate
  • a cute bookmark

Free UK Children's Book Subscription Delivery

Developing a child’s love of books can be tough in a world where screens always seem to take priority. That’s why, here at Wee Bookworms, we think reading needs to be made exciting again. And that’s why our monthly book subscription service is the best book subscription for kids around. It makes the perfect gift! As your child, niece, nephew, or wee friend grows, we think their love of books needs to grow too. Giving them the gift of a monthly book subscription box in the post is an exciting way to keep that love going and growing!

How does the premium children's book subscription work?

It can be hard to know exactly what book to buy your child, and there are a lot of choices out there – which can be overwhelming. At Wee Bookworms, we take out the time and effort out of this process! By letting us know a little bit about the child you’re buying for, our book experts can personally select the books we think are best suited to them. You can tell us their gender, age, interests, and hobbies, so we have a good idea of which books they will fall in love with. We understand that all kids are different, so a tailored service like our monthly book subscription gift is especially great for those kids who might need a helping hand to rediscover reading.

You can choose between a pay monthly subscription or a 3-, 6- or 12-month pre-paid book subscription package. Our affordable book subscription is the best way to get children into reading – because we can guarantee that they’ll be reading about something that will spark their interest, curiosity and imagination!

Our personalised service is unique and special. We think that all kids, whether they’re natural bookworms or they’re kids needing an extra push will fall in love with the monthly gift wrapped book arriving straight to their door. Not only that, in the first month the child will also receive a sign up gift & a Trainee Wee Bookworm Certificate as well as a personal message from you to them. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

What are the benefits of a monthly children's book subscription?

There are so many amazing benefits of reading, especially at this crucial age! As your child begins to grow and form their own opinions, and really see the world from their own eyes, it’s important to expose them to the different characters, places, and situations they can learn about from stories. We also think that this is the age where kids can be a bit more independent with their reading. This is a great opportunity to help make them feel more grown up by letting them read by themselves more and exploring these different worlds alone! Regular reading will also help expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension and writing skills, and improve concentration. We don’t really see a downside!

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        Anywhere in the UK (the Mainland, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland).

      • 👩‍🎓Chosen by Madeleine

        A bookworm with a first class Masters in Childhood Education.

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        If you aren't happy with your order, contact us! We promise to sort it out.

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        No big business here! Just passion and feelings of personal accountability.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      A McGeoch
      Perfect present

      I’ve used this several times before, to rave responses from Grand children. All new and interesting books, not one that they owned before. This year I’m treating all our great nieces and nephews. As far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect present.

      Sioban O.
      Awesome for my grandchildren, I love the call I get every month!

      I don�t like buying them anything tech, or games. I found it really hard to think about what to buy. I have been getting them a book subscription from here for a second year now.

      Fivian W.
      Actually gets my ones reading

      I hate the tablet "sickness". This book subscription for my 7 year old has been a real blessing. The books are great and I am really happy to know my boy has favourite book series and not just games.

      Eimer T.
      Gets him reading

      Ideal Gift. Best Present Ever! After many years of not reading, my child is excited about getting a book, thats saying a lot. Presentation & choice of books were first class . Thanks

      Tina P.
      A present that always get a big thank you

      Superb present. This was a great Christmas present for our godchildren , they both loved it and enjoy getting their books each month , a Christmas present that is still being enjoyed right into the summer months