How Wee Bookworm Children’s Book Subscription Service works

With the Wee Bookworm Children’s Book Subscription Service, you are giving so much more than just a book a month. With this book subscription box, you can give a wee bookworm a love of reading that will last for their whole life. Reading is fun for children of all ages, not to mention a fantastic way to support their learning and development. Our affordable UK book subscription service is a fabulous way to introduce curious kids to the wonderful world of books!
The Wee Bookworms Children’s Book Subscription Service couldn’t be more simple or convenient to use. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and specially chosen books will start to appear, as if by magic, on the doorstep of your lucky wee bookworm.

1. Choose a subscription package to suit your recipient. We offer age-based, pay monthly and pre-paid book subscriptions for Babies (0-1 years), Toddlers (1-3 years), Wee Kids (3-6 years), Children (6-9 years), Tweens (9-12 years) & Teens (13+).

2. Choose the length of your pre-paid book subscription package (either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) or pay monthly for as long as you like. 

3. Tell us a bit about your wee bookworm. We want to know things like their age, gender, hobbies, and interests. Our childhood education and literature specialists will choose books specially for the recipient based on this information.

What’s included?

In the first month, the recipient will receive an extra special package with a book, a FREE GIFT, a Trainee Wee Bookworm certificate, a message from you and a bookmark. For the following months of the subscription, the recipient will receive a beautiful hand-wrapped book in the post.

When are the book subscriptions sent out?

The first book parcel is sent out asap after the purchase date. Every month the recipient will receive one book parcel. If you order a Book Subscription on or after the 28th of the month, your order will be sent out on the first working day of the following month.

How do I know what books the recipient will receive?

Our experts choose each book individually and aim to pick unique reads. This can also include newly published books. Unfortunately, due to the volume of orders, we can’t individually inform each costumer about the book that is chosen each month. However, if you have specific books in mind that you would like the recipient to receive, you can email us with your order number: hello@weebookworms.co.uk We can’t guarantee that we will be able to include your suggestions but we will do our best!

How do I update the recipient’s address?

Please send us an email with the order number if you would like to update the recipient’s address. You can email us via: hello@weebookworms.co.uk

What are the gifts & can I choose them?

The age-appropriate gifts could be puzzles, arts & crafts sets, pencils & pens, notepads, sticker books, colour-in sets and anything that is creative and fun! The gifts are also beautifully gift-wrapped.

I have ordered two monthly book subscriptions to the same address. Are they sent out in one parcel?

Every book subscription parcel is sent out individually. Each child will have the full Wee Bookworms unpacking experience.

Where do you ship to?

At the moment we only ship to the UK but we are planning on expanding our destination list soon.

I haven’t received my book subscription delivery. What should I do?

Please contact our costumer service via hello@weebookworms.co.uk. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The recipient has received a book that she/ he already has. What should I do?

Please contact our costumer service via hello@weebookworms.co.uk and we will back in touch in no time.