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The Incredible Hotel

The Incredible Hotel

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by Kate Davies and Isabelle Follath

Ages: 4-7 years


If you ever go to the great city of Delaunay, take a left at the Duchess's palace and cross the Bridge of Spires, and there you will find The Incredible Hotel.
Everything runs like clockwork, thanks to Stefan the kitchen porter. But on the day of the Grand Ball, a fire starts in the kitchen just as the Duchess of Delaunay arrives ... can Stefan save the day?

Extract from the book: 

"Every morning at 5am, Stefan the kitchen porter brews the coffee... which wakes the chef .... who makes the breakfast... to give the take to the Hotel Manager.
And every night at 11pm, as the Hotel Manager takes his bath... and the chef eats her dinner, perfectly seasoned as usual... Stefan does the washing up, and dreams of making cakes."

Why we like The Incredible Hotel 

Beautiful artwork and a scrumptious story with an important message: Believe in your dreams! Look out for the cat and the mouse on every single page.