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The Grumpy Fairies

The Grumpy Fairies

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written by Bethan Stevens

Ages: 3-5 years

This is a book about grumpy fairies. I mean proper grumpy. I mean foot-stompy, frowny, bottom-lip-sticky-outy kind of grumpy. But these fairies better watch out. There's a goblin about, and grumpy fairies happen to be his favourite food.

Extract from the book: "Deep in the depths of the forest, beneath rustling leaves and the winding roots of trees, live the fairies. I expect you think that fairies are good, kind and sweet. Well, most of them are."

Why we like The Grumpy Fairies

This beautiful picture book teaches little ones a lot about emotions and how to manage them. Plus, the illustrations are gorgeous! This will be a bedtime favourite with many kids.