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Once Upon A Unicorn Horn

Once Upon A Unicorn Horn

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by Beatrice Blue


Ages: 4-7

Do you know how unicorns got their horns?
It all began once upon a magic forest, when a little girl called June discovered tiny horses learning how to fly in her garden. But one of the poor horses couldn't fly at all! So June thought of a very sweet and very scrummy way to make her new friend happy. What do you think it could have been?

Extract from the book: 

"Once upon a magic forest, there was a little girl named June. June knew the woods were full of treasures waiting to be discovered.
She loved to climb the tallest trees to find castles, and peer through the bushes to find magic wands. Then, one day, June found the greatest treasure of all ... tiny magic horses learning to fly! June couldn't believe it."

Why we like Once Upon A Unicorn Horn

This wonderful picture book is perfect for little unicorn fans. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is simply super cute!