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Never Brush A Bear

Never Brush A Bear

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by Sam Hearn


Ages: 4-6

Meet Herschel-head stylist, pet pamperer extraordinaire, who really wants to brush a big hairy bear... That sounds like a bad idea, right?
Join Herschel on his adventure into the woods and beyond in this hair-raising yet funny story about determination... and bears!

Extract from the book: 

"He dreams of awards,
and longs to win prizes,
For coiffuring creatures
of all shapes and sizes!
Like beagles!
OR bunnies!
OR Ponies!
Or pugs!
(He'll even brush fir trees
and Grandma's best rug.)

Whatever your pet is, he'll brush it with care...
'Actually, I'd quite like to brush a big BEAR!'"

Why we like Never Brush A Bear

Your whole family is going to love this fur-tastic rhyming story and the adorable illustrations. We promise you, you will read it more than once!