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A Pinch Of Love

A Pinch Of Love

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by Barry Timms & Tisha Lee


Ages: 4-7

A pinch of love is magic, like a spell or secret wish. No matter what you're cooking up,
it makes a winning dish. Meet a boy and his grandmother with a passion for baking. There's love in their home and love in all they cook.

But could an extra pinch of love bring joy to their town?
This warm and charming tale celebrates the power of love ... and baking!

Extract from the book: 

"If there was a recipe
to make a better day,
what would be the special thing
you'd add along the way?

One thing's sure
to bring a smile
when sprinkled from above:
the miracle ingredients...
A pinch of love is magic,
like a spell or secret wish."

Why we like A Pinch Of Love

This heart-warming tale has a beautiful message for us all: Love is the most powerful ingredient!

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