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A Natural History Of Mermaids

A Natural History Of Mermaids

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by Emily Hawkins & Jessica Roux


Ages: 7-11

Dear Reader, are you ready to plunge beneath the waves to discover the truth about the creatures of the deep? Then look no further...

In 1872 a ship names the HMS Challenger set sail on a grand scientific tour of the world's oceans. On board was a young marine biologist, Darcy Delamare, who kept a record of the expedition and the extraordinary sea creatures she witnessed: creatures that, until then, nobody had believed really existed. Her notebook survived - you hold a copy of it in our hands right now. And the creatures? You must have guessed it by now... There creatures were mermaids.

Kept secret for more than a century, this volume features precise notes and detailed sketches revealing the different species of merfolk from around the world. Discover their life-cycle, anatomy, habits and habitats in this delicately illustrated album that unveils a beautiful underwater world sure to delight all lovers of myth and folklore.

Why we like A Natural History of Mermaids

This enchanting book is written from the perspective of a fictional researcher. It is the perfect encyclopaedia for mermaid fans!