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A Natural History of Magick

A Natural History of Magick

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by Poppy David & Jessica Roux


Ages: 7-9

Dear reader, are you ready for a magical journey like no other? Then look no further ...

Magick is so much more than waving a wand and uttering a spell. It is all around us - we just need to look carefully. 

Compiled by the respected botanist Professor Gessner, this beautiful book outlines everything there is to know about magick in our world. Find out how to divine answers from the sun, read tarot cards, choose the perfect familiar and consider which tree could make the best wand to suit your personality.

Whether you are an accomplished witch or wizard or just starting out on your journey, learn how to spot magick and, importantly, how to channel it.

Why we like A Natural History of Magick 

This book is absolutely beautiful! It makes a fantastic gift for older children who are interested in magic (and Harry Potter Fans!)