November Reading Fiesta

November Reading Fiesta

As the November windy and rainy days increase, it often feels like the perfect time to cosy up with a good read. For kids, the transition from the exciting outdoor days of summer to the quieter and colder days of autumn can be a challenging one. As we all know, autumn can be incredibly boring. This is when the so-called reading fiesta gets important. In this blog post, we take a closer look at how to make November a month of literary adventures. We'll also discuss the idea of a family book club and the benefits of a Wee Bookworms' Book Subscription.

Creating a Cosy Reading Nook

Have you heard about reading nooks? Well, the first step to sparking kids' bookish magic in November is to create a cosy reading corner (that's all a reading nook essentially is). All you need are blankets, pillows, and fairy lights for the magical touch, and perhaps a real or electric candle. This special reading corner will serve as a warm and inviting space for kids to escape into their new books. It's best to choose a comfortable location (obviously, the hall or the bathroom aren't really cosy locations) or perhaps near a window with natural light. It's important to keep your reading nook free from distractions! (no phones, iPads, laptops, etc.)

Book Nook

The Role of a Family Book Club

We talked about this in our last blog post in greater detail. A family book club is essentially a weekly or monthly bookish meeting that provides an opportunity to share the joy of reading with the entire family.
Pick a book that is suitable for the various age groups in your family, and then create a regular reading schedule. It's always a good idea to prepare in advance for your family book club meeting; think about what you could discuss and what topics are of interest.

Using Book Subscriptions to Keep the Magic Alive

A Wee Bookworms Book Subscription can be a fantastic way to maintain the excitement and curiosity of young readers during the November reading fiesta. A monthly subscription delivers an exciting and engaging new book right to your little ones doorsteps.

For example, for younger kids, consider our Premium Toddler or Premium Kids Book Subscription, which offer board books and picture books filled with colourful lustrations. As your kids grow, you can transition to subscriptions that cater to their age and interests.

Interactive Reading Activities

In addition to creating a book nook, forming a family book club, and getting one of our book subscriptions, you can introduce fun reading activities to make the experience even more engaging.

Or you could have a themed evening based on the book you're reading. If it's a story about a big adventure, you could plan an indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. If the book features a recipe, let yourself be inspired and cook or bake together with your kids.

Sparking Conversations and Creativity

Discussing books can distract from the terrible November weather. Reading isn't just about consuming stories; it's about having a conversation. Encourage your kids to discuss the themes of the books they're reading. Tell them what you think about it, ask questions, and show interest.

Here are some more ideas:
• You could ask your kids to draw scenes from the story.
• They could also write their own short stories or alternate endings.
• You could act out scenes from the book and, thus, make the book more real!

A November to Remember

By creating a cosy reading nook, involving your family in a book club, and using book subscriptions, you can turn November into a magical reading fiesta for kids. This month can be a time of exploration, adventure, and bonding through the enchanting world of books.

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