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Cosy Reading Nooks for Kids

What exactly is a reading nook? A reading nook is a cosy reading space in your home!

Every eager and not so eager reader, no matter how old or how young, needs a reading nook! Whether temporary or well-established ones- reading nooks/ book nooks are awesome, especially during autumn and winter.

Your wee one might have had a busy day in nursery or primary school, then picking up a book in a well-organised reading nook is much more inviting than turning on the TV. Book nooks foster a love for books by providing the child with a quiet hideaway from the world.

Reading Nook essentials: Blankets, cushions, candles (obviously be careful if there is a wee one about), fairy lights (an absolute must in my opinion), a little table (for your hot chocolates or cups of tea) and a lamp or reading light. And, most importantly, BOOKS from your Wee Bookworms Book Subscription.

A lot of people also prefer to have a window view and their bookshelves nearby. Don't allow noisy or distracting toys in the reading nook!

Wee Bookworms little Reading Nook Guide:

  1. Pick a lovely spot in a room that is usually quiet. No TV, no radio, no distractions!
  2. You might need an arm chair or sofa, lots of cushions, a massive bean bag and a lamp. Your ultimate goal is to make it cosy!
  3. Store and display the books nearby. Really little ones might like books shelves that face outward. Book Boxes are also a great choice!
  4. Is your Reading Nook not cosy enough? Add some fairy lights+ some more uniqueness. You wonder how to do that? The photos below should give you some inspiration!
  5. Teepees!
  6. Let your creativity guide you! And above all, involve your child in the reading nook creation process.

Perfect locations for reading nooks -closet spaces (although that might be a little scary) or attic spaces.

Reading room/library. You could create a separate space with a curtain.

Cosy corners are the best place for book nooks!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at the following photos!

Cute and cosy…. But I think some fairy lights are needed!

That's much better!

Another fantastic reading nook with a lovely book display!

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