5 Possible Reasons Why Your Child Doesn't Want To Read

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Child Doesn't Want To Read

Are you a big bookworm, but your child simply doesn't want to read? There might be a lot of reasons why your child doesn't feel like reading. 
A lack of interest in books is (unfortunately) quite common nowadays. With games, TV shows, and phones, a lot of kids are very distracted and simply don't have the patience or interest in books. Young children's love for books often influences their future reading habits. If they hate books, it is quite likely that they won't turn into avid readers later in life. That's why it is important to find out why children don't enjoy reading in the first place!

5 Reasons Why your Child doesn't like books

So, let's take a closer look at 5 Reasons Why Your Child May Not Want to Read

- They are forced to read books they don't want to read
Perhaps it was a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, but your child really doesn't want to read that shiny new book ... or perhaps the culprit is a very boring book they have to read for school... Obviously, it is easy to say that they don't have to read a book they don't want to read!
Of course, it is quite a bit different with school books. Children have to read books for school that are sometimes not incredibly exciting. While they might have to force themselves through a long novel, it is important to show them that there are books that will inspire and interest them. So basically, after reading a difficult book, encourage them to read something they are interested in. Encouragement (not pressure) is key to enjoying reading books in one's spare time.

- They only have books on topics they are not interested in
Their bookshelves are full of books that they have no interest in. They go to the library and take out books that they don't really want to read. 
It's important that you encourage them to voice their own opinion. What would they like to read? What topics are they really interested in? Whether it's football or cooking; there are so many fiction and nonfiction books out there! Help your child to find out what they want to find out more about. 

- There are too many distractions 
The TV and even the radio are blaring in the background. There is nowhere comfortable to sit, plus playing a game is so much easier! If there are too many distracting devices and noises, it is incredibly difficult to focus on reading. Create a space (perhaps a book nook) for your child where she or he can relax and enjoy a book without distractions.

- Books don't seem to be exciting enough
This one is quite difficult to overcome. In our fast paced world, we've got hardly any time to sit down. There are constantly things to do, people to meet, stuff to organise... Often, it is the same for children. A bit of quiet time can help kids refocus on quiet leisure activities such as reading. Perhaps your little one hasn't read a book yet that was exciting enough to put their phone down! Let me tell you, there is definitely the right book for every child. I have seen how reluctant readers suddenly turn into eager bookworms. Again, encouragement is key!

- You child struggles with their reading 
Sometimes it isn't very obvious when a child struggles with their reading. Read together and encourage your little one to read a passage or two; help them with difficult words, and ask them questions about what they have read. Extra reading support can improve children's reading and reading comprehension skills. 

As mentioned above, a combination of encouragement, positivity, creating a cosy space, and finding out more about your child's interests can help you find the right books that inspire them to keep on reading. Alternatively, you can get one of our Book Subscriptions! Every month, your little bookworm will receive a book that is based on their interests and hobbies. 
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