12 Tips for Reading With Your Child

12 Tips for Reading With Your Child

Sharing a story can be so much fun! Nothing is better than spending some time reading together, but, yes, it can be difficult. Perhaps your little one simply doesn't like books as much as you do or finds it hard to sit still for a long period of time. However, there are things that you can do that will make reading a fun habit!

Before we get started, let's take a closer look at why you should read to or with your child. Perhaps you are also wondering when it is best to start!

Last week, we wrote an entire blog post about The Benefits Of Reading To Your Child Every Day. There are so many benefits that we can't mention them all. But here are some of them:
- By reading to your child, you will create a calm environment in which your little bookworm will feel safe and secure.
- You will create wonderful memories that will stay with your child forever.
- Reading is great for children's creativity, imagination, empathy, and, of course, their imagination.
- By reading to your little one, you will enhance their vocabulary.
...and, most importantly, reading to your child might be the starting point for their lifelong love of reading.

Now let's talk about when it is best to start reading. It's quite straight forward: It's never, ever too early! There are even special black-and-white books for newborns that will invite them into the world of books. Read the classics (you could purchase one of our awesome classic Book & Toy Gift Boxes), such as Peekaboo or The Tale of Peter Rabbit, or look out for bright and colourful books like Goodnight Moon. Again, start as early to read to your baby as possible.

Book Gift Box

It's time to find out how to make reading with your child a special habit.

Reading with your child: 5 Tips 

1. Let your child pick the book! If kids are interested in what the book explores, then it is very likely that they will enjoy the story. Or...

2. Let Wee Bookworms choose the books for you. We base our Book Subscription choices on your child's interests and hobbies.
So far, we have never had any complaints from our little bookworm customers.

3. Create a cosy and inviting reading space. Add some cushions into the mix and a blanket (with fairy lights?) and you will have created a book nook that will inspire your little one to sit down and read with you!

Book Nook

4. Turn off distractions such as the TV, radio, phone, and laptops. All of us spend too much time on our phones nowadays. By turning these distractions off, you allow yourself and your little one to purely focus on the story.

5. Talk about the cover! What can you see, and what does the title mean? This leads us to the next point...


6. All of your bookworms should be able to see every single page of the book.

7. Ask questions! Ask as many questions as possible! Point at the illustrations, ask what your bookworm-in-the-making can see, ask them how they think the story will end...

8. Make it a habit! Storytime is an important part of your child's childhood. By making reading a habit early in their lives, it is more likely that they will continue that habit for years to come.

9. Slow down! Sometimes, as adults, we tend to see everything we do in our daily lives as a section on our checklist. When we want to get something done, we do it quickly! Yet it is important to embrace every word, sentence, and concept that you are reading to your child. Slow down for your little one, and let him or her understand what is going on in the story.

10. Explain difficult concepts! Sometimes books introduce new ideas or information that your child hasn't come across yet. It's best to explain what is going on or what something means in order to ensure that your child can continue to follow the story.

11. You don't have to finish a book! Perhaps you can't concentrate, or your bookworm is having a bad day. Or perhaps you are not enjoying the story. Well, you don't have to finish every single book! If you, and especially if your child, don't like it, then you should move on.

12. Change your voice for every character in the book! That will make reading the story more fun for everyone. 

We hope that you enjoyed this week's blog post on 12 Tips for Reading With Your Child. Remember that the most important thing is that you have fun!

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