Young adult fiction is important reading for any book lover, especially when ground-breaking titles on mental well-being, teen development and diversity are added into the category. Find out why teens love John Green books and Neil Gaiman books, which are the perfect fusion of mythology and history. With exciting tales, gripping plots and plenty of adventure and romance, these books are ideal for anyone who loves to read. From fiction and dystopian worlds to tales of self-discovery and romance, our young adult & teen section has something for everyone.

FAQs about Young Adults & Teen Books

Do you adults still read?

Yes, young adults still read books. Most teenagers enjoy stories that feature relatable characters and deal with important & engaging themes and ideas. However, over the last years teenager’s reading habits have changed drastically. Most spent a lot of time on social media platforms. Nonetheless, for many young adults, children’s books & teen novels are an essential part of growing up.

What do young adults want to read?

A lot of young adult readers enjoy books that deal with real life teen issues such as relationship & family problems and school-related themes. Challenging and controversial topics are very popular, but the teen stories should be still full of hope. Another important aspect is that teenagers want to see themselves in characters. That means, that some of the main characters should be relatable and perhaps living in complex worlds and going through difficult situations. Popular books are set in dystopian or fantasy worlds or can be found in the sci-fi and teen romance section.

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