Why Adults Should Read Children's Books

Why Adults Should Read Children's Books

Reading children's books as an adult offers a wide range of benefits. Not only can it be a fun and enjoyable activity, but the experience can also provide you with valuable insights into your own life and the world around you.

Our lives are incredibly complicated. From morning to evening, we ’re faced with a barrage of decisions and stresses. Children’s books provide readers with an opportunity to step away from all of this and revisit a mindset in which anything is possible. Reading about characters working through problems and discovering solutions can inspire us to look at our life, problems, and stresses from a completely new perspective.

In simple terms, children's books give adults a break and perhaps, in some way, help them reconnect with the magic of books again.

From picture books to early readers and fiction for tweens and teens, there are so many incredible reads waiting for you. And if you like the classics, then why don't you treat yourself to a beautiful antique edition of your favourite book? 

Recently, I've started to re-read the Anne of Green Gables series (did you know that there are 8 books?). What can I say? Every day I look forward to bedtime, when I will read the next chapter. It's not only a pleasure to revisit Avonlea, but it also helps me see life from a different angle. Anne always has such a refreshing way of looking at things. I can still connect to her character, even after so many years! Astrid Lindgren's stories, such as Pipping Longstocking, take me right back to when I was only 8 years old. Michael Ende's The Neverending Story is a magical journey back to a cosy winter's night nearly 20 years ago. How much we can learn from the very wise Pooh the bear! And Little Women is still so inspiring when I read it now. I still adore Jo, and I still connect to her character. It will surprise you how much you will be able to remember. Last week we talked about the Top 10 Places To Read A Book and that blog post certainly relates to this one. Your favourite children's books will take you right back to the magical reading spaces that you have experienced in the past.

But don't forget that there are also countless new children's books that are just waiting for you. For example, I absolutely adore the Amelia Fang series, I enjoyed the mystery in The Valley of Lost Secrets, and couldn't put down Tilly and the Bookwanderers.

I still haven't convinced you to start reading children's books? Then read on!

Benefits of reading children's books

1. Reconnect with your past feelings

For one, reading children’s books can help adults reconnect with feelings of innocence and hope that are often forgotten in adulthood. Children’s literature is full of relatable characters with stories that evoke strong emotions, from joy to frustration. By reading these stories, we are able to tap into those same emotions.

2. Reconnect with your past self

As mentioned above, reading can help you remember your childhood. The familiarity of these stories can bring back memories and paint a vivid picture of your life at an earlier age. It is a great way to bring back fond and happy memories.

3. Different lessons

Another great thing about reading children’s literature is that it often provides a different set of lessons and values than what adults are used to. Of course, your own interpretations change as well. For example, perhaps you interpret the Mary Poppins books in a different way now, or you may see the adventure of The Chronicles of Narnia in a different light.

4. Magic awaits

Let a children's book transport you to a different world. Let it help you remember and enjoy the experiences of your own childhood. The characters will inspire you, the stories may make you laugh and cry, and, most importantly, by reading children's books, you will reconnect with your inner child.

Katherine Rundell Quote

One thing I always find quite strange about other people's judgement when I say that I still read and love children's books is, what makes them raise their eyebrows? What is wrong with reading children's books? Reading is a beautiful way to grow, learn, and connect with your own heart. In my humble opinion, you can learn as much from children's books (if not more) as from books written for adults. Reconnecting with your past-self can help you make decisions, change your mindset, and possibly even make you more hopeful.

If I still couldn't convince you to read a children's book, famous children's book author Katherine Rundell might be able to. She wrote a little book with the title Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise. Her essay will definitely give you even more convincing reasons to pick up children's books again.

And if you can't find the right children's books, why don't you sign up for one of our book subscriptions? Let us know about your interests and favourite children's books when you were little, and we will pick some exciting new books for you!

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