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We are fully online now!

After almost 2 years I have decided to close my bookshop in Warrenpoint to solely focus on our Wee Bookworms Online Shop. Our Book Subscriptions are going to continue to spread the magic across the world & there will be more Online Storytime sessions too!

Supermarkets and other massive online retailers haven’t made it easy for the shop next door during the pandemic. We are fighting a price battle that we simply can’t win. Huge discounts are not possible when you are running a little independent shop. The effect of the last lockdown was palpable: Most of us prefer to shop online now.

Bookshop Interior

But yet, nearly every bookshop visitor tells me how much they love browsing, how much they love the atmosphere, how special it is for their children. I’m always so thankful for those words, because they kept me going throughout the ups and downs of 2020! I loved the laughter, giggles and smiles of all the little bookworms. What else could you want as a bookseller of children's books?

This is also emotional because it was a journey I started with my parents that I haven’t been able to visit in Germany for nearly a year. It’s those memories of eating fish and chips on the unfinished bookshop floor, my dad building a checkout counter with sawdust in his hair and my mum painting the walls (and, accidentally, her face 😊) that make me smile. These memories marked the beginnings of my bookshop adventures.

The Storytime sessions were also magical, whether online or in store! I’ve got another Online Storytime planned for the 24.07 and more are yet to come.

This difficult decision is also the start of something new. I've got a new business partner & I’m writing a picture book about the much-talked about bookshop fairy Belle Bookworm.

I sincerely thank all of my bookshop costumers for all the happy and magical memories. I did it! My dream came true, and I had my own little bookshop!

Keep an eye on my blogposts, I will keep you all updated.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust

Xxxx Madeleine

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