The 26 Best Dinosaur Books

The 26 Best Dinosaur Books

There are so many Dinosaur Books for Kids that are simply fantastic. Dinosaur stories and beautifully illustrated Dinosaur Picture Books are the right choice for Dinosaur fans. Whether you are looking for factual reads for future scientists or fun and engaging dinosaur bedtime stories; this list is going to inspire you! Here are our current favourite dinosaur books for each age group.

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-Baby Dinosaur Books-

1. That's not my dinosaur… by Fiona Watt

best dinosaur book

Age: 0-3 years

Fiona Watt has created countless wonderful textured baby books that support the sensory awareness and language development of babies and toddlers. The bright colours and adorable 'touchy-feel' elements, as well as the simple text will wow your little dinosaur fan. This dinosaur board book belongs into every baby book collection!

2. I Thought I Saw A Dinosaur! by Lydia Nichols

I thought I saw a dinosaur book

Age: 0-3 years

Your baby won't get enough of this hide-and-seek board book. The vintage artwork by Lydia Nichols is wonderfully bold and colourful. A beautiful dinosaur is hiding in every scene. This interactive and durable book is the perfect choice for up to 3-year-olds.

3. Don't Tickle the Dinosaur by Sam Taplin & Ana Martin Larranaga

Don't tickle the dinosaur

Age: 1-3 years

Tickle the touchy-feely patches and you will be able to hear the dinosaur! The sound effects are fantastic and the different noises and textures will impress every little dinosaur enthusiast.

4. My Favourite Dinosaur (Campbell Books)

My favourite dinosaur

Age: 1-3 years

Share the little rhyme, lift the flaps, and find out what every dinosaur is up to! At the end you can turn your wheel to choose your very own favourite dinosaur. This board book is the ideal choice for slightly older babies and toddlers.

5. Pop-up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaur (DK)

Age: 1-4 years

A pop-up surprise is hiding behind every flap in this incredibly fun rhyming story book! Baby T-Rex is looking for his mummy; is she hiding behind the tree? Find out the names of many other dinosaurs. This activity book contains a lot of fantastic opportunities for parent-and-child-interactions and discussions.

6. Peek-a-Boo Baby: Roar (Pat a Cake)

Dinosaur book roar

Ages: 1-2 years

A short & cute book for little dinosaur lovers. The colourful pictures, sturdy flaps and easy questions will make a game of pee-a-boo even more fun. This is a glorious, interactive playbook for 1-2 year-olds.

-Picture Books-

7. Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland & Henrietta Stickland

Age: 2-4 years

Dinosaur Roar! is an absolute classic and belongs in every dinosaur fan's library. Its simple rhyming text and fun dinosaur illustrations have been entertaining little ones for over 20 years. It will be a firm favourite!

8. Rumble, Rumble, Dinosaur by Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt

Age: 2-4 years

You can even sing Rumble, Rumble, Dinosaur (it has the same rhythm as the nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). In this little gem of a book, there are many different fun scenes to explore. The vibrant colours and easy to distinguish dinosaurs as well as the many verbs throughout the book also support children's language development.

9. Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur by Rhiannon Fielding and Chris Chatterton

Age: 2-5 years

Gentle rhymes and cute little characters make Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur to an engaging and heart-warming read with a '10 minute countdown'. This is the ideal story for helping kids to settle down.

10. Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds

Age: 2-5 years

Harry discovers little dinosaurs in his Granny's attic. After cleaning them up, he takes his new companions everywhere…but one day they disappear! Will Harry find his dinosaurs again? Perhaps he could call their names? This is the first book in Ian Whybrow's Harry and the Dinosaurs series. A lovely classic that has been around for a lot of years!

11. If I had a Dinosaur by Alex Barrow and Gabby Dawnay

Age: 2-5 years

Your little dreams of having a pet? Perhaps a dinosaur will be the perfect companion. What would you do if you had a dinosaur? The fun rhyming story combines words with cute illustrations; every page and scene is well thought through and fun!

12. The Dinosaur Department Store by Lily Murray and Richard Merritt

Age: 2-5 years

Eliza Jane doesn't want a cat or a dog. No! She wants a prehistoric pet. That's why Eliza and her parents visit the local dinosaur department store. There are many marvellous dinosaurs; will she find her very own dinosaur pet? The bright & colourful illustrations and the lovely rhyming story will delight young kids and their parents.

13. The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet by Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Garry Parsons

Age: 3-5 years

Dougie Poynter's & Tom Fletcher's hilarious picture book will be a treat for every dinosaur fan! This rhyming tale takes us to space! Danny and Dinosaur go on a fantastic adventure, but Danny has forgotten Dino's lunch box…. Dino is a very hungry dinosaur and eats absolutely everything, even their rocket! How will they get back home? This is truly a wonderfully funny book that is also a great pick for reluctant readers.

14. Twenty Dinosaurs at Bedtime by Mark Sperring and Tim Budgen

Age: 3+

This brilliant bedtime story features dinosaurs (instead of sheep), a rhyming text and counting exercises with colourful & vibrant illustrations! You will find mischievous dinosaurs on every page that help your little one with their counting skills. This Dino tale also provides readers with many opportunities to talk about what's happening on each page. At the end of the story, the dinosaur are sleeping (the perfect ending for a bedtime story!)

15. Mad about Dinosaurs! by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz

Age: 3-5 years

Another almost classic! Any child who loves dinosaurs will also love this awesome picture book by Giles Andreae. There is even a pronunciation help for the dinosaur names! The rhyming story and the artwork are quirky and cute, and your kids will learn a lot of fun facts about dinosaurs.

16. 1, 2, 3 Do the Dinosaur by Michelle Robinson and Rosalind Beardshaw

1,2,3 do the dinosaur

Ages: 3-5

Dance to this fun rhyming dinosaur book! Tom shows his friends how to be a real dinosaur. Just copy his movements and sounds. But behind a big hill, a huge surprise awaits! Dino loving kids will adore this fun-tastic story.

17. Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale

Age: 2-6 years

If your bookworm loves dinosaurs as much as vehicles, then this bestselling picture book will be the right choice! The dinosaurs work on an enormous construction project, but what exactly are they building? Diggers, vehicle noises and dinosaurs: What more could you want?

18. The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini

Age: 2-6 years

The Girl and the Dinosaur features stunning illustrations and a truly unique story. Instead of playing with other kids, Marianne likes digging for dinosaur bones; she wants to build her own dinosaur companion. One night, she wishes that her dinosaur comes alive… What an enchanting tale!

19. Kitten on Dinosaurs by Michael Slack

Age: 2-5 years

Do you think that cats and dinosaurs are an odd combination? But, of course, kittens love to climb things like huge dinosaurs! This hilarious story shows that cats always have a plan. Persistence is key to success, even when it comes to dinosaurs!

20. You Can't Count on Dinosaurs by Philip Ardagh and Elissa Elwick

Age: 3+

This is an almost count-the-dinosaurs book of a different kind. Dinosaurs are troublemakers, especially T-Rex who can't stop eating the other dinosaurs. This book features many bright illustrations and a lot of prehistoric mayhem. It teaches your little one to count to ten!

21. Do You love Dinosaurs? by Matt Robertson

Age: 3-6 years

Every dinosaur fan knows that dinosaurs are awesome! Learn more about dinosaurs in this fun-filled non-fiction picture book for curious minds. There are so many ROARsome facts about our favourite prehistoric creatures. A great read for young kids and slightly older children.

-Early Readers-

22. The Dinosaur with the Noisy Snore by Russell Punter and Andy Elkerton

Age: 4-7 years

Every single dinosaur in Dinosaur Valley is ready for bedtime. But Rory keeps everyone awake with his incredibly loud snores! A short and simple first book for early emergent readers.

23. The Dinosaur's Diary by Julia Donaldson

Age: 7-9 years

Your dinosaur fan is getting too old for Julia Donaldson's picture books? Then this glorious story by bestselling author Julia Donaldson will be the right pick! Will Hypsilophodon find a safe place for her thirteen eggs? Somehow, she ends up in the future with all of her children. Then little Hector is caught by a farmer. Of course, Hypsilophodon and her daughter try to get him back. What a fun story for early readers!

24. Dinosaur Pox by Jeremy Strong

Age: 7-9 years

Jodie doesn't like the way she looks... and then, one morning, she wakes up as a Stegosaurus! What could be worse? Another hilarious read by Jeremy Strong, perfect for slightly older dinosaur enthusiasts.

-Sticker & Activity Books-

25. Big Dinosaur Sticker Book (Usborne)

Age: 5-8 years

This isn't 'just' a sticker book! Go on a fabulous prehistoric journey with this sticker book of a different kind. There are so many stickers and different themes; and a lot of dinosaurs that your dinosaur fan might not have heard of before.

26. Big Book of Dinosaurs (Usborne)

Age: 4-6 years

Discover the biggest and strongest dinosaurs in this book with fold-out pages. Pre-school dinosaur researchers will love the educational and interesting facts about all sorts of dinosaurs.

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