How to Keep Your Child Reading During the Summer Holidays

How to Keep Your Child Reading During the Summer Holidays

Summer is finally around the corner! In a few weeks, kids are going to get ready to make the most of the summer weather after a busy year in school. 
We know that keeping kids occupied for six weeks can be quite difficult. Of course, there are the usual distractions, such as iPads, computer games, and TVs. But we are also all aware that it is important that children play outside! The summer sun is waiting for them.
Beside all of these activities, reading should also be integrated into the daily summer holiday routine (especially if it isn't one already). It doesn't have to take up hours; 15 minutes every day can be perfectly enough. Sometimes kids stop reading during the summer holidays, but try to keep the routine alive! 

Why reading during the summer holidays is important

A Break 
Reading gives us all a break from our hectic lives. That's the same for kids! Whether your children read outside in the garden or on the sofa, it doesn't matter where. The only thing that's important is that they keep reading whatever they like.

Bonding Time
As we have  discussed in our previous blog posts on the benefits of reading with your child every day, reading together can also be a great bonding experience. Reading provides you with an opportunity to discuss the themes of the book with your child. Ask questions, talk about difficult words, and enjoy a story together. You could even take turns! 

So Many Books
Unsure what books to buy? You could get one of our Book Subscriptions for Kids! You just have to let us know about your child's interests and hobbies, and we will pick the perfect books for them. They will arrive beautifully gift-wrapped at your door.
It is important to choose books based on your child's interests. By doing so, you will make sure that they enjoy the story. They will keep reading! 
Don't pick long and complicated reads. It is better to focus on light, funny, and very enjoyable stories. 

Long drive? Bring a book for your little one
If you are planning to drive (or fly) to your next holiday destination, then it is important to bring some welcomed distractions from the long journey. A book is the perfect choice! We recommend easier reads for drives and flights that don't require too much concentration. 
Summer Reading

You should read too!

Kids often copy behaviours, and if you are not reading a book, they might think, 'Why should I?' Keep reading yourself, and soon your child will be joining you.

As we mentioned above, it is important to make reading part of their daily routine. The best is to always pick the same time—perhaps just before bedtime or as an afternoon storytime treat.

Audio Books
Why not listen to an audio book in the car on the way to the supermarket? There are many fantastic audio books for children that are sure to entertain them on the way to faraway and not-so-faraway destinations.

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