How to encourage your child to read more

How to encourage your child to read more

Every child is different; some kids absolutely love reading and can't get enough stories, while others may be a bit more reluctant. If you are a bookworm yourself, it is sometimes difficult to understand why your kids don't share your joy of reading. They might have simply not found the right book to ignite their interest yet. A passion for books can start at any point, so don't worry if your child hasn't taken to reading yet. Sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity and the perfect book to get them hooked!

One thing is certain: never try to force your child to read. That is a sure-fire way to make them hate reading even more! Instead, read on and find out twelve fun ways to inspire your child to pick up a book and dive into the wonderful world of literature.

How you can help your children find their love for literature

1. Let them choose their books

I know this one might be hard because you so desperately want them to read your favourite children's books. But (as I wrote before) please, please, please, don't force them to read what they don't want to read. Your kids have their own interests and preferences, so let them choose the books that speak to them and their own tastes.

2. Let Wee Bookworms choose the books for them

Kids Book Subscription

Can't find the right books for your reluctant reader? No problem; we are here to help. A bookworm specialist is going to choose your child's book based on their interests and hobbies. We have been named one of the best book subscription services in the UK for a reason! Whether your little one is 1 year old or 16, we will find the perfect book for them.

3. Read aloud to them

Ok, so they received some fantastic books, but now they have been sitting on the shelf untouched for weeks. Read out loud to them and make it fun so that they get into the story! It's the perfect bonding time, plus you will be able to enjoy the story that they have picked too. You might even find out a little bit more about your child's interests in the process.

4. Read yourself

This one might not be as obvious, but it is important. Setting an example for your children is key; if you read, then they are more likely to pick up books themselves.

5. Audiobooks are awesome too

Audiobooks are a great way to get your child's imagination going. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional books and can be just as enjoyable.

6. Create a book nook

A special book nook is a great way to encourage your kids to read. Make it an inviting and comfortable spot where they can escape into the magical world of books. All you need is a lot of cushions, blankets, and fairy lights. Tada! You've created a cosy book nook.

7. Set aside regular reading time

This works especially well for the 0–6-year age group. Encourage your kids to read by setting aside a specific amount of time each day for them to read without distractions. This will become a habit, and soon enough, your kids won't be able to resist picking up a book.

8. Bring books alive!

Your reluctant reader is really into astronomy at the moment? Excellent! Get him the latest book about space exploration—and then follow it up by taking a trip to the planetarium. Connecting books with real-life experiences will help to further ignite your child's interest in reading.

9. Read the books, watch the movie, and discuss!

Reading a book together and then watching the movie can be great fun. Discussing the differences between the two will also help your child to understand how books can be interpreted in different ways. Which leads me to the next point...

10. Discuss books!

As you and your child discuss the book they are reading, talk about the characters, the plot, and their predictions. Ask your little one to explain what they think might happen next in the story. Talk about the themes and ideas that the books bring up. In simple terms: Make them think about the books that they are reading.

11. Make books accessible

With a Wee Bookworms Book Subscription or a regular trip to the bookshop or library, you will make books accessible to your child. That way, they will be able to pick up a book whenever they feel like it! Have books everywhere in your house, whether it is in your living room or the bathroom.

12. Let them reread books as often as they like

Some kids just love the same books over and over again. It's totally ok to allow them to reread their favourite stories and characters as much as they like. It's a great way for them to bond with the character and explore new meanings in the same book.

13. Make books magical (I mean, we all know that books are always magical, but you can make the book receiving and reading process magical too).

Receiving one of our book subscription boxes or going to the library should be a special event. Make them feel like they are on a magical journey every time they get a book. When a book box is delivered by the postman (usually the box has your child's name on it), then this moment should be celebrated. Let them unwrap it, investigate the cover and pictures (if it is a picture book), and read a few pages with them.

In our opinion, books are the best gift for reluctant readers. You simply can't go wrong with one of our book subscriptions for kids. We know how worried parents and family members can be about their children's lack of enthusiasm for reading, so we make sure the books are super special and exciting. You just have to let us know about their interests, and we will do the work for you.

We hope that the above 13 tips will inspire your child to pick up a book and start reading. It's all about finding the right book for them at the right time and creating an inviting atmosphere to get them interested. We are absolutely certain that reluctant readers simply haven't found their perfect book yet!

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