Exciting New Children's Books January 2022

Exciting New Children's Books January 2022

-New Baby & Toddler Books-

Can you see Little Elephant?

A magic changing picture book

This is the perfect read for young children. ‘Can you see Little Elephant?’ is a wonderful little search-and-find book & the ideal read for curious minds! Can you find little Elephant? The changing pictures will keep your toddlers entertained for hours. The rhyming text combined with the cute illustrations by Emilie Lapeyre and the mechanisms that can be pulled will support early reading and story-telling. Also available: Can you see Little Dog?

Frog at the Farm

Meet the Googlies!

‘Frog at the Farm‘ is a fun introduction to farm-related words, ideal for babies & toddlers. With bright and fun illustrations your kids will learn their very first farm words and noises. ‘Now let’s cluck-cluck, like the hens!’ Also available: Tiger at the Beach.

The Smartest Giant in Town: A Push, Pull and Slide Book

An interactive board book edition of the popular story by Julia Donaldson.

‘The Smartest Giant in Town: A Push, Pull and Slide Book‘ written by famous Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. This fantastic board book is based on Donaldson’s longer picture book ‘The Smartest Giant in Town‘. Push, pull and slide mechanisms will make the story especially fun for young children! George is a very well-dressed giant, but is he going to help some animals that need his clothes? The short rhyming story is perfect for toddlers and babies. Also available: The Smartest Giant in Town Sticker Book.

-New Picture Books-

Too Many Tickles!

With fun and giggles for all the family

‘Too Many Tickles‘ by Thomas Taylor and Penny Dann is a glorious new picture book for the whole family! You will find tickles everywhere in this house. There is no escape! The illustrations are fantastic and warm and the tickly story will be the cause for a lot of laughter.

‘From Mum’s swirly-whirly tummy button
tickles to Dad’s great big side-grabbers,
there’s no escaping the tickles in this house…’

Where Is the Dragon?

With detailed illustrations

‘Where is the Dragon?‘ by Leo Timmers is a wonderful shape-guess story for 3-6 year olds with really amusing illustrations. The king is very scared, so the three knights have no choice but to begin their search for the dragon at night. It is incredibly dark and the knights only have one candle between them. Of course, the knights know everything about dragons…. Is that a dragon over there? Actually, the knights have never seen a dragon before…. This strange shadow looks like a dragon, doesn’t it?

Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness

Mindfulness for kids

‘Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness‘ by Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey is a must-have!

‘Real life is right under our noses,
We can miss it by rushing around,
But stopping to smell life’s sweet roses,
Is where true happiness
can be found.’

‘Happy’ is an exceptionally peaceful and relaxing read for children (and adults). The beautiful illustrations, combined with calming words, form fantastic discussion points to reflect on life. This book is about appreciating life, from tasty meals to our beautiful surroundings.

Rabbit’s Pancake Picnic

With cute illustrations of woodland animals

‘Rabbit’s Pancake Picnic‘ by Tegen Evans and Paula Bowles is the perfect picture book for pancake day! It even includes a delicious pancake recipe. Rabbit’s pancake picnic is finally going to take place and she wants to make the pancakes all by herself. But where is the recipe book? Well, who needs a recipe book! Rabbit is just going to remember the recipe. Strawberries, syrup and a lot of other things go into the strange looking mixture. Is Rabbit’s pancake picnic ruined? Maybe Rabbit needs to accept some help from her friends!

-New Books for Older Bookworms-

When The War Came Home

Another soon-to-be classic

‘When The War Came Home‘ by Lesley Parr, the author of the classic in the making ‘The Valley of Lost Secrets‘. Although the first world war is over, it hasn’t really gone away. Natty moves to a village, where she meets soldiers that are still struggling with what happened in the war. This is a thought-provoking tale and a historical adventure story for the age group 9+. ‘One of our finest writers of historical fiction’ Phil Earle

The Hatmakers

Discover maker magic!

‘The Hatmakers‘ by Tamzin Merchant is a magical adventure, full of humour and mysteries, with gorgeous black-and-white illustrations by Paola Escobar. Cordelia is a true crafter with ancient skills; she loves making hats, boots and gloves from magical ingredients. One day, her father and his ship disappear at sea and Cordelia decides to look for him…but then someone tries to start a war by using Maker magic! ‘A cosy magical adventure peppered with charming detail’ The Bookseller

The Rollercoaster Boy

A rollercoaster ride of a story!

‘The Rollercoaster Boy‘ by Lisa Thompson, with fantastic illustrations by Gemma Correll, is a heart-warming story about life’s ups and downs. A group of unlikely friends, an odd seaside hotel and a fun adventure. What else could you want from a fantastic book? One night, Todd and Laurie’s dad decides to drive them up to the glamorous Paradise Hotel for a little break. Unfortunately, it isn’t glamorous at all…..it is very run-down. Luckily Todd and Laurie meet Scout, the owner’s daughter, who tells them about a strange event that took place in the hotel many years ago. The Rollercoaster Boy is a fantastic rollercoaster ride of a story!

-New Books for Teens-

The Sad Ghost Club Volume Two

Unique graphic novel

‘The Sad Ghost Club 2‘ by Lize Meddings. Also available: The Sad Ghost Club (Volume 1). ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ Six simple words, and suddenly Sam doesn’t feel so alone. This great graphic novel series about anxiety and friendship is a reassuring read with a very important message. One sad ghost meets another sad ghost at a party. Both leave the party together and everything changes. They start a secret society for the anxious and alone! Ages: 12+

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