Personalised Gifts for Kids

Best Personalised Gifts for Kids 2023

Looking for the best personalised gifts for kids in the UK? We have a selection of presents that your wee bookworms will love — no tablets, you tube or video games in sight!

Whether you’re looking for personalised birthday gifts for kids or just want to surprise your wee one, we’ve got you covered. Our recommendations are perfect for toddlers, kiddies, tweens, and everything in between.

We think that reading is the best gift, as it’s one that lasts forever. But that doesn’t mean this guide is all about books! Browse gifts that indulge their love for reading, from accessories to treats and even characters!

Our personalised gifts for kids guide is split into three age groups.

So no matter what age they are, find them an age-appropriate gift that they’ll love. Our guide has been approved by librarians and children’s literary experts, so you can be sure it’ll suit them — whatever stage of development they’re at.

All the gifts in this guide are personalised, making them extra special. Show them that you care and understand them with a gift that tells the world exactly who they are! There’s no need to scratch your head over what to buy the wee bookworm in your life! Keep reading for heaps of inspiration.

Best Personalised Gifts for Wee Kids, Aged 3-6

Shopping to find personalised gifts for kids under 5? This age is when kids start to get really excited about their hobbies. If they’ve shown an interest in reading, they’ll need a lot of encouragement to stick with it among a world of tablets, game consoles, and distractions. A reading-focused gift is a lovely way to do this.

Kids Subscription

Children’s imaginations are developing at this age, and a good reading habit encourages them to dream of distant lands beyond what they know. Our book subscription for kids aged from 3 to 6 years old is delivered monthly. Kids receive selection of books every month handpicked just for them.

All you need to do is tell us their age, gender, and interests. Then, we’ll put together the ultimate personalised gift of books. Best of all, you can choose it for 3 months, or more, so it feels like their birthday never ends!

Their Favourite Character

Whether your wee one loves the The Hungry Caterpillar, Gruffalo, or Winnie the Poo, kids favourite book character keeps the magic alive. They bring their favourite books to life while being a cosy friend to cuddle at bedtime.

Best Personalised Gifts for Kids Aged 6-9

Kids between 6 and 9 receive the same toys over and over again. This year, give them something different with a reading-based present for children. Our selection of gifts don’t just encourage children to pick up a book, but to become a bona fide fiction fan!

There are gifts to create the perfect reading vibe and even merchandise of their favourite characters. They’ll be fanboying or fangirling over their most cherished stories!

Bookworm Children

If you’re trying to find personalised birthday gifts for kids aged from 6 to 9, we know just what they’ll love.

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to books and gifts. Luckily for you, our children literary experts are stars at choosing books they’ll love. Simply write their age, interests, gender, and hobbies, and we’ll put their very own personalised book box for them.

Better yet, we’ll wrap it up and send it out to them beautifully. You can choose between 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions, for a surprise that could last all year long.

Educational and Science Subscription Box

Not all books are stories. Some kids love reading non-fiction books about science, volcanic explosions, outer space, and farmyard life. Specify that you’d like a book box filled with strictly these titles, and we’ll put it together for you.

Personalised Bookshelf

A personalised bookshelf is a thoughtful gift for the little book lovers in your life. Everyone needs a place to keep their favourite books - and show them off to the world. Make their pride of place extra special.

There are so many bookshelves out there, from giraffes to elephants and teddy bears. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Choose their favourite animal, colour, or design for a bookshelf that they’ll love. Want to make it extra special? Add on some book ends with their initials, so everyone knows it’s theirs.

Teepee Reading Nook

Is there anything cosier than snuggling up with your favourite book? There’s one thing that springs to our mind. A reading nook! These cute little teepees are the perfect place to get lost in an enchanting story. Fill yours with cosy pillows, blankets, rugs, and fairy lights. With a space dedicated to reading that looks this good, kids will never think reading is a chore again.

Best Personalised Gift for Kids: Tweens Aged 9-12

Tween Book Subscription

Know a young tween who loves reading? A personalised reading-themed gift encourages them to keep up this excellent habit. Not only does reading help children unwind after school, it generates their curiosity and gives them more knowledge about the world.

We have chosen lots of fun, personalised gifts for tweens who love their hobby.

Tween Book Subscription

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to tweens. So make sure they have enough exciting books with a tween book subscription.

For this book box, we have a team of literary experts who’re up to date with the current young adult reading trends. Just let our team know a few details about the receiver, and we’ll curate a book that suits their personality down to a tee.

A Trilogy

When it comes to sagas that span several books, tweens are spoiled for choice. Whether they love fantasy, dragons, or vampires, you’ll find a book series just for them. Many of these come in beautiful cases that make them perfect for gift giving. You can even skip the wrapping paper and just tie a little ribbon around it.

Do they already have a trilogy they love? How about some merchandise. There’s everything out there from stickers to pencil cases, posters and more with their favourite characters on them.

Book box

What’s the perfect gift for a book lover? Well, books, of course. So we couldn’t leave this one out. Create a book box for the wee ones in your life filled with books that they’ll love. Fill it with a selection of current best sellers and the books you loved when you were their age. To make their reading experience extra special, you can even add special treats like hot chocolate sachets or snacks.

A Quote Poster

There’s so much we can learn from books. From new cultures to morals and ideas. Help kids live by the words they read with a poster reminding them of these ideas. Even children’s literature is full of poignant quotes. Take, for example, the works of Roald Dahl. His books have so many quotes that even motivate the most inspirational leaders.

If you know their favourite book, there’s sure to be a motivational quote among its pages. You may be able to find a ready-made poster, but if not, do it yourself with the help of a printer. It’s a personalised gift for kids like nothing their friends have.

Reading Lamp

Tweens love to stay up late to flick through their favourite trilogies. So help them create the perfect cosy reading ambience with a reading lamp. Whether you go for a floor lamp, desk lamp, or even a unique wall lamp, there’s sure to be something they’ll cherish.

Although this might seem like a practical gift, new colour-controllable LED lamps on the market can be a novelty. Especially for tweens who love tech!

Hot Chocolate and Personalised Mug

Hot chocolate + your favourite book = perfect combo. Make up the ultimate personalised gift for kids who love books with a hot chocolate and mug.

There are so many different hot chocolate flavours out there. So whether they love strawberry, mint, orange, or even white chocolate, you can find the exact one that they’ll love. Then, package it together with a personalised mug featuring their name or favourite character. They’ll love snuggling up, sipping on a cosy drink while enjoying their latest page-turner.

Reading Diary

Make sure they never forget their favourite books with a reading diary. Not only does this thoughtful gift help them keep track of what they’ve read so far, it also nurtures a habit for writing.

Make it extra special by choosing a journal in their favourite colour or get their name written on the spine. It’s a gift they’ll hold on to for years to come. Plus, they’ll love reading back and seeing how their tastes developed over the years.

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect gift for the wee bookworm in your life. Have a friend who’s also struggling to find personalised Christmas gifts for kids? Do them a favour and send this their way. With so many games, videos and sweets, mums and dads will love that you nurture their love for reading!

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