Best Christmas Books for Kids

Best Christmas Books for Kids 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for reading books!

So make room on your bookshelf for some of the best Christmas books for kids and unleash the festive spirit. From wintry classics you’ll know of to beautiful Christmas books with pictures, our selection will have the whole family entertained.

Christmas is a super-busy time for parents. So why not slow down and find time to nurture your wee bookworms by reading charming stories filled with their favourite Christmassy characters.

Let’s explore the best Christmas books for Children

Sure, Christmas movies are fun, but there’s something magical about snuggling up with a Christmas book during the festive season. Frosty evenings call for hot chocolate, mince pies and stories about Santa.

So why not occupy your little ones with Christmas books throughout December. You’ll have more time to concentrate on wrapping presents and decorating the home with twinkly lights. These stories grow children’s awareness and intellect, ensuring your wee bookworms are thoroughly entertained AND developing critical reading skills. So, we’ve selected some crackers for children of all ages set out below.

Best Christmas Books for Wee Kids aged 3-6

This is the age group that Christmas books were made for! Wee kids are thoroughly mesmerised by Christmas and embrace every inch of its magic. Gift your little ones with Christmas books full of sweet stories and irresistible illustrations they can truly marvel at.

As always, we remove the fuss to give you the best Christmas books for toddlers and young children.

Santa’s New Sleigh

Kid's Christmas Books Santa's New Sleigh

This is a perfect present for little ones who impatiently waiting for Santa. It was a Christmas Eve, and the countdown clock was ticking really fast. When Santa was ready to go, his sleigh stopped working. All elves and animals were there to help, but will they be able to deliver all the presents on time?

A House for a Christmas Mouse

This heartwarming book about a little mouse is full of friendship and cute artwork. After moving to a new forest, the little mouse is hunting for a new house before Christmas. But will he find one before sunset on a cold, snowy evening? With the help of newfound furry friends, this story has a happy ending making it the perfect Christmas book for younger children.

Plus, with exquisite, shimmering details on each page, you and your little ones are sure to feel festive in no time.

The Jolly Christmas Postman

We just had to include this award-winning classic. Copies have been placed under countless Christmas trees during its 30 years of publication! This Christmas book is the ultimate children’s picture book full of fantastic famous characters and captivating illustrations.

In this innovative and interactive Christmas book, you’ll find a get-well jigsaw for Humpty Dumpty, a game called ‘Beware’ for Little Red Riding Hood and surprises for various other fairytale characters.

Mog’s Christmas

Hands up if you remember this forgetful cat from your childhood? Well, the famous feline is back and ready for festivities. Little ones will adore Mog and her charming ways as she explores her surroundings full of confusing Christmas decorations.

It is written with the same humour as the past 50 years, and it makes a delightful read for you and your wee kids.

Elmer’s Christmas

This compact book is a perfect stocking filler and also fits into your bag for reading on the go whenever your little one needs occupying. A story with a meaning that even younger children can grasp, Elmer, the loveable patchwork elephant, teaches about the joy of giving.

Elmer arranges a Christmas surprise for the younger elephants to see the spectacular arrival of someone special. It’s a magical experience that shows them the importance of giving and spreading happiness. This heartwarming read has dazzling pictures and a delightful sparkly cover for smiles all around.

That’s not my Elf

Toddlers will love this board book with textured pictures to develop sensory skills. They’ll laugh out loud as they follow five mischievous elves in this interactive page-turner. The Christmas story offers repetitive language to help enhance language awareness, making learning fun!

Father Christmas

Another classic we couldn’t resist adding to our list because it’s one of the best Christmas books for kids. Raymond Briggs brings us Father Christmas as we’ve never seen him before – an ordinary, grumpy old man.

You’ll catch yourself giggling along to the comical events Father Christmas experiences during the 364 days of the year he doesn’t work. Younger children will be fascinated at the rare insight into Father Christmas’s everyday life with his pets, stiff drinks and holidays around the world.

The Night Before Christmas

This timeless poem is a firm favourite with family members of every age. But we’ve chosen the illustrated version to make it engaging and memorable for wee bookworms.

Everyone knows that famous opening line: “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse“, bringing back magical memories of warm, cosy Christmas nights. So, introduce this classic verse to younger children on Christmas Eve to truly enhance the excitement.

Pick a Pine Tree

We love this rhyming tale about choosing the perfect tree to decorate with loved ones – and your kids will love it too. A family brings in the Christmas cheer by decorating their tree with tinsel and baubles, but not without a bit of help from some friends.

Younger children will find this sweet story satisfying to follow and will enjoy the gorgeous seasonal illustrations.

Best Christmas Books for Kids aged 6-9

Children in this age group are fully aware of Father Christmas and the magic of Yuletide. They may already have their favourite Christmas tales. But, add new books into the mix to expand their reading skills and make new memories.

Kids around this age can read to themselves, leaving busy parents hands-free to prepare for the big day. So, here are some of the best Christmas books for children in this age bracket.

The Christmas Eve Tree

This modern Christmas story has a classic feel which will warm the heart of every reader. What starts as a sad story about an ugly fir tree and a homeless boy becomes a festive feel-good tale of triumph. Children will be hooked on this book to know the outcome of the ugly Christmas tree while expanding their capacity for love and empathy.

Where Snow Angels Go

This is a gorgeous sensitive book written by a Maggie O’Farrell. While Sylvie was sick, she suddenly woke up in the middle of night and she has saw an angel in her bedroom. A snow angel that came to look after her. Many months later, after she recovers from her illness, Sylvie wanted to see her angel again, but will she get that chance again?

Kid's Christmas Books Where Show Angels Go

The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List

Your kids will love this marvellous book written by Tom Fletcher (yes, the singer from Busted). A joyful Christmas story following the loveable Christmasaurus who uncovers Santa’s naughty list. But can he find the children on the list and help redeem them in time for Christmas Eve?

This is a smash hit with children who believe in the magic of Christmas. They’ll do all they can to stay on Santa’s good list.

The Christmas Quiet Book

This beautiful book will introduce your kids to the power of stillness. Watch on as they sink into the story and learn to appreciate quiet things like the silent snowfall and sneaky children searching for Christmas presents.

Together with the soft, muted illustrations, it really is a relaxing read for even the most book-shy children.

The Gruffalo’s Child

This festive sequel to the original Gruffalo books will capture the hearts of your children this Christmas season. Children in this age group will love the adorable story about The Gruffalo as she ventures into the woods in search of the Big Bad Mouse, but what she finds isn’t so scary after all.

This book uses the same characterful illustrations by Axel Sheffler, making it feel like a work of art. So you’ll want to display it proudly on their bookshelf this Christmas to complement the sparkly decs!

Christmas Farm

This gorgeous tale encompasses Christmastime like no other. With pages filled with solid friendships, growth, determination and earthy nature, it’s a book your kids will want to read time and time again.

Farm life in winter will fascinate children as they follow Wilmer and Parker nurturing their trees and crops. Christmas Farm is cosy vibes and the perfect way to warm up this December.

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Miracle on 34th Street: Storybook Edition

One of the most beloved Christmas stories turned blockbuster movie is now an illustrated storybook set to become your Christmas Eve go-to. Let your kids experience this 70-year-old Christmas tale, one that will reappear every December for years to come.

Susan isn’t like other children. She’s cynical beyond her years and certainly doesn’t believe in Santa. But with the help of Kris Kringle, can she really start to believe in the magic of Christmas and have her wishes come true? Magical is how we would describe this story, and we think your wee bookworms will agree.

The Nutcracker Mice

This book will appeal to little music and dance fans, but the charming tale will be loved by all this Christmas. What’s better than a grand ballet production? One created by cute little mice!

These tiny talented ballet dancers run into trouble during their production and go on a joyful journey to save the show. It’s a fantastical tale filled with enticing illustrations that’ll capture the imagination of young ones on chilly winter nights.

The Nutcracker in Harlem

From one Nutcracker to another – yet they couldn’t be more different. Instead of dancing mice, we have a little girl from Harlem who finds her voice as a musician with the help of her enchanting toy.

It’s a modern retelling of the classic tale that’ll ignite imagination and wonder in every reader. Set to the backdrop of wintry New York City, you can’t get more Christmassy than this.

It’s Christmas, David!

Kids will laugh aloud at this humorous classic based on the mischievous character from the bestselling  book ‘No, David!’ Wee bookworms will be gripped by David’s naughty antics on the run-up to Christmas. But we all know Father Christmas is watching and making his lists! David also knows this, as he attempts to control his behaviour before the big day.

Will David receive a shiny new fire truck or a lump of coal? Follow along on this Christmas comedy to find out.

If you Ever Want to Bring a Pirate to Meet Santa, Don’t!

This may be an elaborate title for a children’s book, but it’ll be a mega-hit this Christmas. The latest book in the bestselling series ‘Magnolia says Don’t’ is a quirky tale about a mix up between Magnolia, a pirate and Santa.

Kids will giggle as a mischievous pirate befriends Magnolia and tries to remove his name from Santa’s naughty list. The book is also laden with bold, expressive artwork that captivates audiences of any age.

The story of Holly & Ivy

Introducing one of the most heartwarming holiday stories on our list. A sweet story about three wishes fulfilled. One from an orphan wishing for a real family, one from a family wishing for a child and one from a doll wishing to be brought to life.

This moving story is accompanied by enchanting illustrations, making it a Christmas book your children won’t want to put away.

Best Christmas Books for Tweens aged 9-12

As the colder months set in, you may find yourself on the hunt for the best Christmas books for tweens. With varying levels of reading ability, this age still requires imagination-boosting stories but not as many illustrations.

We suggest using the power of the Christmas spirit to entice tween readers into reading more books. Because who can resist the warm, enchanting feel of a good Christmas story on a cold evening?

Make Christmas reading a new tradition that will follow on into the new year. And with that being said, here are the best Christmas books for kids and tweens:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The second book in the Chronicles of Narnia is the one that gives major festive feels. Four siblings who discover a secret doorway at the back of a wardrobe are hurled into Narnia, a snowy land of eternal winter.

It’s in Narnia they find themselves enslaved by the White Witch. Then, with all hope lost, they meet the iconic character, Aslan, a wise old lion who saves the day.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis has been a firm favourite for over 70 years thanks to unforgettable characters and engaging, descriptive prose. And we’re sure it’ll be a massive hit with your little readers this Christmas too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

When Halloween’s iconic character, Jack Skellington, discovers Christmas Town, he’s captivated by the unbridled festive joy. He decides he must incorporate Christmas into Halloween, making for a quirky Christmas tale like never before.

Written and illustrated by the talented visionary, Tim Burton, this Christmas book offers the cool factor to cool tweens looking to stay away from cutesy, traditional Santa stories.

The Santa List

Kid's Christmas Books The Santa List

Aisling and Joe being naughty, so their babysitter asked Santa to put them on a naughty list. To get a present anyway, Aisling and Joe will try to take that list. But them something strange happened, Santa’s nice list has disappeared. Have they just ruined Christmas or there is a still time to safe the Christmas? This is a very exciting story, perfect for readers aged 9+.

The Polar Express

We all know this magical story from the epic 2004 movie starring Tom Hanks. But this story really comes alive in book format.

Packed with more details and descriptions about that enchanted Christmas Eve when a mystery train picks up the neighbourhood children and embarks on an adventure to the North Pole. The Polar Express is a book your tweens will gladly swap their iPads for during long, dark evenings this Christmastime.

The No-Good Nine

A non-sentimental story about nine naughty kids who try to ruin Christmas. They’re on Santa’s naughty list but do they care? From stealing presents to burning down a toy factory, it seems they want coal in their Christmas stockings.

While this book is modern, it has a vintage comic book feel like classic Dennis the Menace. This book will bring belly laughs to tween bookworms who crave cheeky characters and mischievous fun.

The Girl who Saved Christmas

Christmas is falling apart. Elves are angry, reindeers are dropping out of the sky, and Santa is thinking about cancelling the entire festive season. But Amelia needs Christmas because she has a big wish that only Santa can make true.

Tweens can join Amelia on her magical quest to save Christmas and will thoroughly enjoy the exhilarating ending.

The Night I Met Father Christmas

A quintessential Christmas tale loved by tweens everywhere. Uncover one of the biggest mysteries in the world – how did Father Christmas become Father Christmas. Jackson finally meets Father Christmas and finds himself enthralled in an unexpected fairytale with mean-spirited elves and a quest to find the meaning of Christmas.

Younger tweens will love the brilliant and beautiful illustrations depicting Christmas in all its glory.

A Pinch of Magic

This enchanted read fits both Halloween and Christmas, entertaining tweens throughout the Autumn and Winter months. It is a magical tale about three sisters Betty, Fliss, and Charlie, who find themselves trapped in their Crowstone Home due to a family curse.

When a jaw-dropping adventure beckons, the sisters inherit three magical items to destroy the curse. But can they find freedom?

Christmas Books for Children

Children learn best when having fun, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than an enchanting Christmas book. Take this opportunity to upgrade their reading skills this year with a supply of Christmas books to capture their imagination.

Memory making is the true essence of Christmas. Cosy nights reading together as a family will stay in the hearts of your wee ones for years to come. There’s also the opportunity to get through never-ending chore lists when little ones are quietly engrossed in sweet stories of Christmas cheer.

So, why not shake things up as December approaches and add some of our selected best Christmas books for kids to your monthly parcel?

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