Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A Baby Shower Gift That Parents Want

Perhaps you are asking yourself what should I buy as a baby shower gift for my friend's baby, niece or nephew or relative's pride and joy?

Picking the perfect baby shower gift isn't easy. So, let's have a wee think about the things you could buy for a wee newborn: Blankets, soft toys, burp cloths, hats, diapers (always very popular) or a nursery mobile.

So there are traditional baby gifts (such as blankets) or personalised keepsakes and DIY baby presents. The problem is though that, sometimes, baby shower party guests buy the same things. In the end, the baby (and mother) end up with multiple blankets, soft toys and hats.

In this blog post we want to take a look at our truly unique Wee Bookworms Book Subscription for Babies as well as DIY Book-related baby shower gifts.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Our number one (obviously):

  1. Wee Bookworms Baby Book Subscriptions

Our Book Clubs are not only for Woddlers, Toddlers & Co. In fact, our Baby Book Subscription box is one of our most popular Book Club Subscriptions!

Each month the recipient (i.e. the baby) will receive one age-appropriate and beautifully-wrapped book. You can choose from a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription length. The first book delivery includes a book-related gift, a Trainee Wee Bookworm Certificate, a bookmark and a personal message from you to the recipient. By the way, you only have to pay once! This means that it is not a subscription that goes on forever but you can literally choose a length of time that suits you.

Perhaps you are wondering what the little present that is included with the first delivery could be. Our gifts are always age dependent- for the babies it is usually an awesome additional book, a bath book, a playbook or flashcards.

Playbooks are also often called sensory books or touchy feely books. They help wee ones to get used to different textures and enable babies to explore the books with their hands. Infants love to touch and grab everything in sight. Thus, touchy feely books are great, because they attract a baby's attention!

Of course, we also listen to our customer's suggestions. Do you love a particular baby book? Simply let us know and we will sort it out!

You are still in doubt? Well, let me tell you that there are countless benefits of reading to babies. It is simple: The younger, the better! Reading can positively influence cognitive skills and language recognition. Of course, reading is also a bonding experience and thus it can positively influence a mother's or father's relationship to the newborn. But it is not all about words and sounds! You can grab a baby's attention with beautiful illustrations too. We also love baby books that are especially designed for newborns: These are often Black and White. This is because babies start to see colours from five months of age.

Our favourite Baby Shower Gift: A Baby Bookworm Book Club Subscription

Other great baby shower gift ideas that can be combined with a Baby Bookworm Book Club Subscription

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Handmade sensory books
Sensory Book
Photo taken from Wake and Whimsy

I think this is a beautiful example of a handmade sensory book. There is a lot going on! I particularly like that different fabrics were used. You don't need instructions- simply let your creativity guide you. The only important thing is that you make sure that the book is safe for babies. Buttons and other little bits and pieces need to be sewn on properly as they are a choking hazard.

  1. Handmade nursery mobile

You can buy this absolutely magnificent Peter Rabbit nursery mobile on etsy: WoolenTenderness.

I have to be honest, the above nursery mobile is a masterpiece and very hard to copy. But there are easier ones to tackle.

For example, Apartment Therapy explains how to make a Cloud Nursery Mobile.

  1. DIY Book Bin Perhaps you have decided to get your Baby Shower Gift recipient a Bookworm Book Club membership….and now you are wondering whether there is enough book storage in the nursery… Well, you could make the new family a lovely wee Book Bin (sounds odd but it is actually great).

Discovered on: Laybabylay

Remember that you don't have to follow the instructions step by step. Embrace your creative freedom and go wild! Use different colours and a lot of glitter (if you like).

We hope that our baby shower gift ideas have inspired you!

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