5 Tips To Motivate Reluctant Readers

5 Tips To Motivate Reluctant Readers

Is your child a reluctant reader? You would love for them to get into the habit of reading, but it can be difficult to convince them that it really is a worthwhile activity. Kids go through different phases, so don't be discouraged if your child shows a lack of enthusiasm for reading. Perhaps you can't remember it anymore, but you might have gone through a similar phase yourself in the past.

Why is my child a reluctant reader?

It could be as simple as that: Your child just hasn’t found the right books and genre yet. It could also be because they find it difficult to read and need more support and practice. So why don't you subscribe to one of our Book Subscription packages or take a trip to the library and explore some different types of books together?

Generally, there are two types of reluctant readers:

  • reluctant readers who find it difficult to read. This might have different reasons for example, visual impairment, lack of confidence or dyslexia. It’s important to identify the underlying cause so that you can provide suitable support.
  • Reluctant readers who prefer not to read. They lack motivation and find it more fun to do other things.

How to encourage a reluctant reader to read

In this list, you will find ideas on how to encourage your child to become an avid (or at least more motivated) reader:

1. Let them read what they want to read

This is probably the most important point in this list and sometimes it is also very difficult to accept (especially if you would love your child to love the same books as you!). The worst thing one can do is tell reluctant readers that they "have to" read a specific book. Nothing dispirits a child more than being forced to read something in which they have zero interest. So, please, let them choose!

Perhaps your child would love to read one of the Harry Potter books but finds it hard to read? This leads us to the next point...

2. Find books that match your child’s reading level

There is no point in trying to push your child to read a book that is too hard for them. Together with your child, go on a search to find books that are more suitable for their age and reading level. Start with easier books that are still interesting; this will help them build up their confidence.

If you struggle to find suitable books for your child, you could also subscribe to our fantastic Book Subscription Club for kids. Wee Bookworms offers Book Subscription packages for children of all ages. You can let us know about your child's interests and reading level, and we will pick a new book every month! 

3. Read with them

Reading aloud to your child is one of the best ways to encourage their interest in books. You could even take turns! Not only does it help them with their own reading skills, but it might also open their eyes to the magic of books. 

4. t's Storytime!

Routines are very important for children, so why not make regular Storytime part of your daily routine? For example, you could read to them just before bed or in the evenings.

5. Lead by example and read yourself

Children learn best by example, so read books yourself! Showing your child that you love reading is the best way to motivate them. Take them to the bookshop or library; let them discover the wide array of books and genres that are available.

Most importantly, remember to be patient and understanding. Kids will go through different phases, and reading might be hard for some. Encouraging your child and giving them the support they need is key to helping them become avid readers.

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