5 Tips On How To Decide What Book To Read Next

5 Tips On How To Decide What Book To Read Next

All bookworms have been there: you have just finished a fantastic book, and now you don't know what to read next. Should you go for the bestselling crime novel or a classic? I've also picked the wrong book more than once, and it's really not fun. Recently, I purchased a bestseller, and I just couldn't get into it. I didn't like the story, I didn't like the characters, and even the book cover wasn't to my liking. The question I asked myself after purchasing the book was, "Why did I choose this book?" Was it the reviews? Could I not be bothered to continue my quest for the perfect book?

How to choose your next read

To be honest, usually, after perhaps spending a good hour searching for my next read, I get quite frustrated and end up picking something I'm less than thrilled about. Finding a book shouldn't feel like a chore; rather, it should be an exciting quest through magical literary worlds. But unfortunately, that's not always the case. 

Now you've picked a book that you somewhat like the sound of. After a few chapters, you can tell whether you're really going to enjoy it or not.

If you struggle to find your next read, then the following 5 tips might help you. 

How To Choose What To Read Next

1. Create a Reading List

By creating a reading list, you will get a much better idea of what kind of book to go for. Ask yourself the following questions: What types of books do I want to read? Romantic, humorous, gothic... Is there an author I like? Obviously, you could also take a look at other authors that are similar to your favourites.

2. Think about your current interests

Some interests come and go, but if you focus on what interests you right now, it will be easier to find something that appeals to you. For example, if you are particularly interested in medieval history, why not go for a historical novel set in the 12th century?

3. Get a Book Subscription from Wee Bookworms

Our monthly Book Subscriptions for Children are incredibly helpful when it comes to deciding what book to read next. We hand-pick the books ourselves and include a variety of different titles for your child, from classic literature to modern fiction and non-fiction. If you struggle to find a book for your little one, then this is the perfect solution for you.

4. Read Reviews and Pay Attention to Your Friends’ Recommendations

Reviews can be misleading, but they can also provide you with useful information. If the reviews are generally positive, then this book that you have your eye on could be the one. From my personal experience, I do find that sometimes bestselling novels can be quite disappointing. Of course, I've also read many bestselling novels that were great, but especially in the last few months, I found that I'm disappointed more often than not.

Also, listen to your friends' book recommendations, especially if they have similar tastes in books.

And don't forget about booksellers and librarians; they can be a great source of information, and they are sure to know about new releases. They often make fantastic recommendations and might even challenge you to go for something that you would never have picked yourself.

5. Go back to the classics

Anne of Green Gables

I've been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books currently, and I couldn't be happier! Oh, how I love following Anne's adventures; the books take me right back to my childhood. Classics are timeless and can be read over and over again; there are no limits. Once in a while, I do find that it's refreshing and soothing to go back and read a classic novel that you read as a child. There are also so many lesser-known classics to discover.

Be adventurous 

It would be very interesting to know if you continue to read a book that you don't like or if you give up. I definitely belong to the "give up" group; I easily get worked up over silly characters, plot holes, and bad endings. What's your opinion on this? I don't think that we should feel obliged to finish a book if we don't enjoy it. We all want to be entertained, so why invest time and energy in something that doesn't bring us some form of joy?

If you still end up picking the wrong book, don't get too frustrated about it. Just give the book another try, or simply move on and find something else. It's all part of being a bookworm! But to be honest, it really gets to me too, especially if I had high hopes. Another thing that I noticed is that sometimes whether you like a book or not also depends on your mood. I have "left" books in the past that I ended up loving a few months later.

Personally, I also find that buying books in bulk isn't the best idea. I've done this a few times before and bought too many books that matched an interest that I had at the time, but that quickly changed. Now I always focus on my current state of mind and mood, which makes it easier to pick a good read. This method often works (and it saves you time and money!!!)

All bookworms are the same; we want to feel an emotional connection to the book that we are reading. We all want to be entertained, moved, and surprised by something new.

A few final words: Let your gut instincts guide you and be adventurous. And if you struggle to find a book for your little one, then consider one of our Book Subscriptions! We know that finding the right children's book, whether it is a picture book or a book for a reluctant reader, can sometimes be challenging. We will do the hard work for you and take the guesswork out of choosing a book that your child will love.

Good luck with finding the perfect book to read next! Have fun on your quest and keep on reading! :)

The Wee Bookworms Team

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