5 Signs That Your Child is a Bookworm

5 Signs That Your Child is a Bookworm

We here at Wee Bookworms know exactly when we are dealing with a bookworm child! Read on in case you are wondering if your child has become a true bookworm that devours books like popcorn. But before we begin this exploration, let’s take a closer look at what a bookworm is.

According to many descriptions and definitions from various sources, a bookworm is actually a tiny beetle that loves eating glue and paper in books. Obviously, these type of bookworms’ love books so much that they must eat them! Hopefully your maybe-bookworm hasn’t gone that far yet. Books aren't tasty.

Can a human be bookworm? Absolutely! Human bookworms are people that love books and reading. They are also often referred to as book collectors and bibliophiles, however, I find these terms less convincing. A simple and straight forward definition of a bookworm is book lover. Sounds about right!

1. Books, books and more books

You enter your child's bedroom and all you can see are books. Small books, big books, books on the desk, books on the bed, books in the wardrobe …. Books everywhere! Reading is a fantastic form of escape that teaches your child so much about the world around them, regardless of the genre. That's why your bookworms’ space is a sanctuary of knowledge!


2. Questionable pronunciations but a vast vocabulary

Yes, perhaps your child doesn't pronounce every word correctly (in the end reading happens in the mind), but regardless of her or his pronunciation, your child's vocabulary is growing at a fast pace. Sometimes even you can't keep up (or understand what they are talking about)!

3. Your child reads absolutely everywhere

Bookworms may even walk into things! Reading in odd situations and at odd times is probably one of the most obvious signs that you are dealing with a true bookworm. However, we encourage safe reading behaviours, and it is advisable to avoid reading & walking at the same time as it can be dangerous (especially in public!). Reading and walking at home is slightly less dangerous but bruises are often unavoidable.

Bookworms everywhere

4. Playing outside? Nope, reading is more fun!

The sun is shining, it's lovely and warm outside. But where is your bookworm child? Of course! Inside (or outside, in a comfy chair in the cool shade) reading another book. Your kid is a true bookworm, for sure!

5. Late night reading

Is the light turned on in your child's bedroom at a strange time of the night? You open the door and there is your bookworm, reading at perhaps 1am in the morning! Late night reading sessions are another very common bookworm behaviour.

What to Do when your Child is a Bookworm

Nurture their love for books

One of the most important things that you can do for your bookworm is to support her or his reading habits. Get your bookworm as many books as possible. Buy your kids books from different genres but let them decide themselves what they like best. We all have to encourage bookworms to stay bookworms for their entire lives.

Perhaps you are looking for a gift for your bookworm or you know an eager reader that needs more books? Then you should consider buying one of our fantastic Book Subscriptions for Kids. We offer personalised Book Subscriptions for every age group; you can let us know about the recipient's interests and preferences and we will pick the most exciting new releases, cherished favourites, and popular classics for your bookworm!

Listen to what they have to say

Your child may be super excited about a newly released book, perhaps it is the second volume in a highly anticipated fantasy series...and your little bookworm can't stop talking about it! Listen to what your bookworm has to say and let them tell you the plotline repeatedly. Ask them, why they like it so much (this also could be helpful for future gift buying activities). Show interest in your bookworm’s reading and ask enlightening questions as this may encourage them to read even more.

is my child a bookworm

Show them how to care for their books

Yes, this one might be a little odd but looking after books is an important topic! Especially very young bookworms need to be shown how to treat books with care. For example, throwing books is not only slightly dangerous for passers-by but it also damages precious books that your child may want to keep forever. Sure, you can simply buy another copy but in a world full of waste it is definitely advisable to teach your child how to take care and cherish their most precious belongings (i.e.books).

True bookworms’ love for reading and books should always be encouraged; the world never can have enough bookworms! And who knows, maybe your bookworm is a bestselling author in the making?

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