As early readers confidence develops and interest in stories grows, it’s time to introduce them to the next stage – young readers books. These books are perfect for kids who are starting to read chapter books and want more of a challenge. With exciting stories, interesting characters and plenty of illustrations, these books help children to practise their reading skills in a fun and exciting way. Whether they’re looking for mysteries to solve or want tales of action and adventure, help your child fuel their love of reading.

FAQs about Young Reader Books

What age is young readers?

Young reader books have longer chapters and often deal with more complex themes and events. Young reader books are also called ‘Easy Reader’, ‘Emerging Reader’ or ‘Beginning Reader’ books and suitable from six to eight years old.

What books should a 7 year old be reading?

What your 7-year-old enjoys to read depends greatly on her or his interests, hobbies and reading skills. 7-year-olds are usually able to decode simple or even complex sentences. Young reader books are a fantastic starting point for a 7-year-old independent reader. Dermot O’Leary books such as Toto the Ninja Cat or Harriet Muncaster books such as Mirabelle tell fun stories with more complex words and sentences and feature lovely black and white illustrations. Young reader books are usually a step up from early readers!

What books should 6 year olds be reading?

Books for 6 year olds should be slightly more challenging than picture books, especially in terms of syntax and word choice. Similar to picture books, young reader books as well as early reader books still feature illustrations. However, these illustrations are often in black-and-white and much smaller in size and number. Furthermore, stories are often longer and divided into several short chapters. Fantastic books for 6 year olds are the Claude series by Alex T. Smith & Sophie Kinsella’s Mummy Fairy and Me books.

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