Introduce your little one to classic children’s books and new words with our wide selection of sticker, colouring and dinosaur toddler books. Made from resilient board, pop-ups or big pages, these children’s picture books are ideal for those early reading sessions as little hands won’t damage the pages as they turn. Bright colours and fun illustrations will keep their attention as you read out loud, encouraging emerging language skills.

FAQs about Toddler Books

What are good books for 2 year olds?

Sturdy board books and Lift-the-flap books with beautiful illustrations are the best choices when it comes to two-year-olds. These heavy cardboard books can get through a lot and are also safer! Classic children’s books such as Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney or The Very Hungry Caterpillar – one of most popular Eric Carle’s books should be on every toddler’s bookshelf! Normally books for 2-year-olds are relatively short but especially for the daily bedtime routine, slightly longer bedtime stories are also suitable. Many books for toddlers deal with everyday activities through which they learn about the world around them. Don’t forget to explore every individual page with your 2-year-old. There is a lot to discover!

Which book is the best for toddlers?

Every toddler has different interests, some like fairy books and dinosaur books or trucks and animals. Your toddler begins to inquire about daily routines from brushing one’s teeth to going to the supermarket. You should always pick books dependent on your toddler’s most current interests. Suitable books will help to create discussions and answer some important questions about everyday life. Generally, books that should be on every toddler’s bookshelf are board books! Engaging or even interactive board book stories are best for toddlers. Board books are often specifically written for toddlers and therefore deal with familiar and unfamiliar daily activities such as going to the nursery or buying groceries. There are also many sturdy books with simple rhyming stories and repetitions such as Julia Donaldson books Tales from Acorn Wood and Axel Scheffler’s Farmyard Friends series.

Why should I read to my toddler?

Through reading, toddlers do not only develop their language skills and increase their vocabulary, but they also learn about the world, which in turn will increase their knowledge about animals, people, places, and events outside of their own experiences. A daily reading routine may also cultivate a lifelong love of reading and nurture your toddler’s creativity and imagination.

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