Our soft toys make the perfect gift for young bookworms! Combined with the original story book, you will create extra memorable and unique present. Whether it is the original The Gruffalo soft toy, a Gruffalo backpack, the Cat in the Hat or one of the popular Moomins; in this category you will find the most famous and beloved book characters as quality soft toys. We are sure that your child will cherish them forever! Who doesn’t want to own a “real” Gruffalo? Our Peppa Pig Beanies, The Tiger who came to Tea soft toy and Munch Diplodocus from the World of Dinosaur Roar! Series are sure to make every child smile.

FAQ about Soft Toys

Who invented soft toys?

The German toy maker Margaret Steiff may be the first true inventor of what we now regard as a soft toy. She created the first stuffed bear soft toy in 1903.

Why are soft toys so important?

Probably most of us owned soft toys when we were little. But why did we like them so much? Studies indicate that children’s favourite toys are often soft ones. Especially young children see in soft toys close friends that are always on their side. They can tell them about their feelings; soft toys just listen! Little ones also can express their emotions to their soft toys in different ways. Kids love soft toy characters such as Zog or Mog as they can relate a story to them that reminds them of comfy Storytime sessions. Children associate soft toys with their own home and security. This also explains why children often want to take one or two soft toys with them wherever they go; they see their soft toys as inseparable friends. With the help of soft toys, children may also learn new skills. Kids often copy their parents’ behaviour and through play, they make sense of the world around them. According to research, playing with soft toys and having a soft toy companion may also reduce stress, create a safe atmosphere, and may even improve children’s self-esteem.

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