Shirley Hughes was the beloved British author and illustrator of countless picture book classics such as the Dogger and the Alfie series. Hughes worked solely as an illustrator on the My Naughty Little Sister books that were written by Dorothy Edwards. Her first work as an illustrator and writer was Lucy and Tom’s Day, published in 1960.This first self-penned book marked Hughes’ successful beginnings as a children’s author-illustrator. Dogger, which was published in 1977, tells the story of a lost toy dog, that turns up for sale at a summer fair. Little Dave wants his favourite toy Dogger back so desperately! Will he get to him in time? Only recently, in 2020, Hughes published Dogger’s Christmas, a heart-warming and festive sequel to Dogger. The Alfie series tells us about the everyday adventures of Alfie and Annie Rose. Shirley Hughes wrote over sixty books in her long career, touching many generations with her beautiful observations of everyday family life. Her countless books have sold over 11.5 million times.

FAQ about Shirley Hughes Books

Did Shirley Hughes illustrate her books?

Yes! Her very first self-penned and illustrated picture book was Lucy and Tom’s Day (1960). She was the writer and illustrator of many famous stories such as Dogger and the Alfie series. Hughes artistic style is very recognisable. Her watercolour and gouache illustrations always tell cosy stories of everyday life. Shirley Hughes also illustrated many other books, such as the My Naughty Little Sister series that was written by Dorothy Edwards.

When did Shirley Hughes start writing books?

Her journey as a writer started with Lucy and Tom’s Day, her very first published work as an author & illustrator. She began drawing and writing her own picture books when her own children were still very young.

What age is Dogger for?

Dogger is a fantastic book for children aged three and older. Dogger tells the story of Dave and his much loved but lost toy dog Dogger. Will Dave be able to find Dogger again?

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