Once your child has started to read simple stories with you, it’s time to introduce them to our range of beautiful children’s picture books. Featuring intricate illustrations and easy text, they are perfect for developing a love of reading. Fill your child’s imagination and get them excited to read – from tall tales of adventure to bedtime stories; There’s something every youngster will love in our selection of picture books. Whether you’re reading a well-known children’s story or discovering a new one for the first time, help your child explore whole new worlds.

FAQs about Picture Books

What are the benefits of picture books?

Picture books promote children’s literacy skills and increase their knowledge of the world around them whilst the illustrations support their understanding of the story. That’s why picture books are such an important part of a child’s reading journey! They introduce new and important words and sentence structures whilst the stories also often form a fantastic basis for fun discussions.

Illustrations may also inspire your little one to get creative. And, above all, reading aloud is fun! With the help of fantastic picture books, you may be able to nurture a lifelong love of reading in your children. Plus, most picture books are also fantastic reading material for young readers.

What is considered a picture book?

A picture book is a book, that tells a story through illustrations and words. There are also picture books that only feature pictures and words without an actual story element. Most picture books are specifically written for younger children and have 32 pages.

What are the best picture books?

What the best picture books are is difficult to say. It depends on the reader and her or his perceptions. Always pick picture books with topics that your child is or may be interested in. Most likely this will ensure that your child is going to find her or his favourite stories. However, of course there are a lot of classic picture books that every child (and adult) should know for example Julia Donaldson books as well as classics such as Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak or one of most popular Dr. Seuss booksThe Cat in the Hat.

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