Minecraft books have taken the world by storm, and for kids, these can provide hours of creative entertainment. Our selection features maths and English exercises, as well as activity books and colouring books and sticker books. Plus, they’re all based on the hit game that’s captured the imaginations of gamers young and old alike. Kids will love immersing themselves in the blocky world of Minecraft, and with these helpful books by their side, they’ll be able to get ahead while having a whole lot of fun.

FAQ about Minecraft Books

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft has become one of the most popular immersive video games for children. It was created by the Swedish company Mojang Studios. The players can choose from two different game modes: Creative & Survival. In the Survival mode players create their own worlds, have to find food and built tools as well as shelters. Kids also can play together with their friends which is another reason for why Minecraft is so popular.

What age are Minecraft books for?

Many Minecraft books are guides, such as The Essential Minecraft Dungeons Guide, or sticker book guides, for example the Minecraft Survival Sticker Book, for enthusiastic players. There are also many different fantastic book series for Minecraft fans between the ages of 6-10. For example, the official Minecraft adventure Into the Game is the first book in the Woodsword Chronicles.

Do you need to read Minecraft books in order?

The Minecraft Books do not have to read in order; they make fantastic standalone stories.

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