Easter is a time for celebration and family! These children’s books about Easter and spring are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday. With beautiful illustrations and engaging stories, these toddler books, activity books and puzzle books will keep your early readers entertained all day long. The stories are the perfect way to celebrate Easter with your baby, toddler & Co.! Our selection of charming Easter children’s books features fun-filled stories with colourful illustrations. Easter-themed tales and charming pictures will keep the whole family entertained. Enjoy quality family time during your Easter break with one of these heart-warming books.

FAQ about Easter Books

What are good Easter Books for children?

There are many fantastic Easter Books out there! Whether you are looking for a quirky Easter Egg Hunt story or a simple Sticker Book to keep the little ones entertained; there is plenty to choose from. Babies adore Easter playbooks, for example Baby’s First Easter and Happy Easter!. On the other hand, Toddlers will love Spot’s Easter Basket, Five Little Easter Bunnies or Peppa the Easter Bunny, whilst young children enjoy funny picture books such as Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter or the Push and Pull Board Book Busy Easter. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about Julia Donaldson’s fantastic picture book The Rhyming Rabbit, Axel Scheffler’s Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes collection, or all of the lovely Peter Rabbit books (for example the Touch and Feel Book A Fluffy Easter Tale or Easter Egg Hunt). Your little one will enjoy this year’s Easter even more with a beautiful Easter Book for children.

Why do we celebrate Easter with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs?

Bunnies and chocolate eggs don’t have much to do with the Christian Easter celebrations. There is no Easter Bunny in the bible! Some people suggest that the idea behind Easter bunnies came into being in the Middle Ages in Germany and was brought to America and other parts of the world in the 1700s. That means that German immigrants may have been the reason behind the Osterhase tradition. Spring is also a time of new life and rebirth, and eggs are a symbol of resurrection. Perhaps this is the reason why we go on Easter egg hunts!

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