As children grow and their reading skills progress, they’ll be ready for early readers books – age 6 and 7 – perfect for little independent readers that are getting used to letters and simple sentence structures. These books are longer than picture books but short enough for early readers to follow along, allowing them to practise reading without getting frustrated. With exciting stories and fun illustrations, these books are perfect for children who are growing in confidence with their reading skills.

FAQs about Early Reader Books

What age are early reader books for?

Early reader books are mostly read by children aged 5-9. They are also the perfect books for reluctant or struggling readers as sentences and storylines are kept short and simple. The short chapters, engaging stories and fun characters will boost the confidence of young independent readers.

What is an early reader book?

Early reader books are first chapter books that are especially suitable for kids that learn to read or for reluctant readers. The individual chapters of early reader books are short and supported by illustrations. Sentences and paragraphs are also short and simple and feature repetitive language that tell an engaging story with many relatable characters. The word count can vary a lot, from only 500 words to even 5000 words. Early reader books help to boost a reader’s confidence and are fantastic for introducing independent reading.

What makes a good early reader?

Good early reader books, such as the Isadora Moon books by Harriet Muncaster or the Rabbit & Bear series by Julian Gough, have a few things in common: Sentences are simple, repetitive and easy to understand whilst the story is still fun & engaging. Good early reader books also feature fantastic illustrations that support the story.

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