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Young Children Book Gift 3-6 years

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Young Children Book Gift

Our 3,6 or 12-month Young Children Book Gift Subscription is perfect for children from 3 to 6 years at the start of the subscription. 

At a glance: 

- First book delivery includes a gift, a Trainee Wee Bookworm Certificate, a bookmark and a personal message
Personalised: Let us know about the interests of the new Bookworm. Then we can pick the most awesome and exciting books! 
-The wee one receives one gift-wrapped, hand-picked book every month

Note: The shown books, gift wrap and gifts are only examples.

Each month Young Children Book Club members receive one beautifully gift-wrapped book that was hand-picked by our childhood education specialist. The first book delivery also includes an age-appropriate gift, a bookmark, a Trainee Bookworm Certificate and your message. Our high-quality, fun and educational books are carefully selected from a wide range of classics through to new publications. UK Delivery is FREE! Book parcels are sent out on the first Monday of every month.

Every month Book Club members experience the magic of books- from receiving their gift-wrapped book to reading it with a loved one! This is also why a Bookworms Book Club membership is such a beautiful gift. You may set the foundation for a life-long love for books and reading.

The benefits of reading to young children 

Reading to young children positively affects their language and cognitive skills as well as their future reading abilities! It helps children to recognise letters and learn new words. And, of course, it supports their imagination and nurtures their curiosity. Another important factor is that reading together with your children promotes your relationship. Above all, books can help children to understand the world around them better whilst reading may also increase children's emotional development.

Reading Tips

Focus on reading with your child. Put your phone on silent, turn off the TV and Computer. It's time to read! All distraction should be turned off at this point. 

Make it a daily routine. Even if you don't have a lot of time to spare for reading- having a daily reading routine supports your child's language development. Whether you read in the morning or in the evening, at lunch time or before bed time,  make it a daily occurrence that your child is looking forward to. A hot chocolate and a blanket make it especially cosy. 

Reading is fun! Point to the pictures and ask you child questions. Encourage your child to describe the colours, expressions, animals... Change your voice for different characters and make funny sounds! Enjoy the time together.

Let your child take over. Allow your child to hold the book, turn the pages...and let them tell the story or their version of the story. If you are feeling creative you could invent a little sub-story for the story by asking questions: Why do you think was the cat scared of the mouse? Or you could make up a funny song about the story! 

Don't forget the details. Sometimes we completely forget about the book cover. Before you start reading, investigate with your child the cover of the book. Ask questions such as: What could this book be about? Take a closer look at the illustrations and ask your child to find shapes, colours, animals or objects. When you have finished the book ask some more question:  Did you like the story? What did you like about the story? It is beneficial to have a little conversation with your child about the book. Not only does it help to support their verbal language skills but it also makes them think  bit more about the story and what the messages it is trying to convey.  

UK Delivery is FREE. Our book parcels can be delivered around the world.