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Adult Book Subscription: Classics of Children's and Young Adult Literature


Adult Book Subscription

Do you love children's and teen literature? Join our Adult Book Club for children's and young adult literature enthusiasts and delve into the beautiful world of Children's books. This is the perfect gift for adults that love to read! 

Our Classic Adult Book Gift subscription is suitable for all ages. Your recipient will receive one beautifully gift -wrapped Classic Children's or Teen Book every month. Our children's literature experts hand-pick a classic from children's and YA literature for the recipient each month. The first book delivery also includes a bookmark and your message. At the checkout you can let us know about your recipients interests and preferences. UK Delivery is FREE! Book parcels are sent out on the first working day of every month.

If you order a Book Subscription on or after the 28th of the month, your order will be sent out on the first working day of the following month. 


Note: The displayed books and gift-wrap are only examples. 

You can write us about the recipient's interests and hobbies in the 'TELL US ABOUT THE RECIPIENT' section at checkout (bottom of the page). You can also add your personal message!

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Why Adults should read Children's Books  

There is still magic in this world! Children's books truly take us away from reality and show us that all hope is not lost. They tell us that anything we want to do can be done- we only have to believe in ourselves. In our crazy and fast-paced world we sometimes need a little reminder that anything is possible. Children's books give us access to this world and mindset in which not even the sky is the limit.

It's OK to be a little crazy. Some characters in children's books are often a little bit eccentric or downright crazy. And you know what? Children's Books remind us that we are allowed to be crazy and odd. Let's take a look at Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking. Pippi lives with her monkey and horse in a big old house and she loves making good use of her fantastic imagination! And let's also not forget about Peter Pan (he can fly and never grows up) and, of course, the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. 

Don't forget. Perhaps one of the most crucial things that children's books help us realise is that to some degree, we are still children ourselves. 

Who does not want to revisit old childhood friends? Classics of children's literature bring us together with friends that we may have forgotten about. Reading about Eeyore misadventures in Winnie the pooh take us right back to those beautiful childhood moments in which we could simply take shelter in our favourite character's adventures. 

Not everybody is bad. And if somebody is bad, they usually don't get very far. When you catch up with the news you might think that the world and its inhabitants are all bad. Yet, children's books show us that there are good people that do good. Thereby there are usually two opposing characters. For example , in Matilda we have got Miss Honey who tries to help Matilda as best as she can. And then we have got Mrs. Trunchball who is definitely not a very nice person. But do you know who wins? 

The ending is hopeful. In our troubled world we are confronted with negative news day in and day out. However, children's books show us that the ending does not have to be bad and, if it is not the happiest of all endings, at least it gives us reader's hope. 

A great book is all I need. Children's books are mostly well-written and, above all, enjoyable. The story lines of children's books are usually extraordinary and full of adventures. They capture your curiosity (whether you are a child or an adult) and invite you to enjoy the magic of your imagination. 

All of this means that you are never too old to read children's books. 

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