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Baby Book Subscription 0-1 year


Baby Book Subscription 

Our Baby Book Gift subscription is perfect for babies that are between 0-1 years years old at the start of the subscription. 

At a glance:

- First book delivery includes a gift, a Trainee Wee Bookworm Certificate, a bookmark and a personal message
Personalised: Let us know about the interests of the new Bookworm. Then we can pick the most awesome and exciting books! 
-The wee one receives one gift-wrapped, hand-picked book every month


If you place your order on or after the 28th of the month, your first book parcel will be sent out on the first working day of the following month. 

Note: The displayed books, gifts and gift-wrap are only examples.

You can write us about the recipient's interests and hobbies in the 'TELL US ABOUT THE RECIPIENT' section at checkout (bottom of the page). You can also add your personal message!

Alternatively, you can send us a wee email:

Every month Baby Bookworms receive one beautifully gift-wrapped book that was hand-picked by our childhood education professional. We only deliver high-quality fun and educational books.The first book parcel also includes a gift, a Wee Bookworms bookmark, a personal message from you as well as a Trainee Bookworm Certificate. 

We hand-pick baby books for each recipient. We choose our books from classic children's books to newly published ones, whether board books, touch & feel books, lift-the-flap editions.... Every month is a surprise. Not only are you gifting a book surprise but also the gift of reading and, perhaps, a life-long love for books. 

The entire Wee Bookworms Book Club experience make books to an important part of your recipient's life. From opening the beautifully wrapped book to reading it: We believe in the magic of books and the profoundly positive effect they can have on our lives. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or chat. Join our newsletter for regular Wee Bookworms updates and special offers. UK Delivery is FREE. Book parcels are sent out on the first working day of every month.

The postal service is experiencing some delays due to the pandemic. Deliveries may take longer than usual. 

What are the benefits of reading to babies? 

Early exposure to as much language as possible can have a positive effect on children's language and cognitive skills.

A baby is never too young for a good book full of beautiful illustrations. Reading is also a bonding activity that strengthens the connection between parent and baby! Babies listen to the reader's voice, its tone and rhythm, and absorb the vocabulary that is used. This can have a positive effect on the baby's language skills.

Yet,it is not only about the sounds and words but also about the visuals! Picture books provide opportunities to explore patterns, shapes and colours as well as the name of animals or objects. 

By carefully selecting books that suit your recipients needs and interests, the Wee Bookworms Team ensures that reading becomes as a magical routine that is full of surprises.

Reading tips

  • A daily routine. It is important to make time for reading with your baby. You could read at meal time, at nap time, at bed time, bath time... Even if you only have time for a few minutes every day: Sharing a book, even if it is only for a short time, is so beneficial for your baby. Make it to a daily routine!              
  • It's time to read. Make it fun: Create an environment of wonder! Hold your baby close to you. You don't have to 'only' read the story but try become part of the story but imitating characters or by changing your tone of voice. Point out pictures and specific objects, colours, shapes, expressions... Anything that is interesting! You could even invent a song that fits to the story or themes of the book.      
  • Don't forget the cover. Too often we forget about the effect of a book's cover. You and your baby should not forget to take a closer look at your book's cover. What can you see? What could the book be about?
  • Baby talk. Although babies can't talk to you, they still communicate with you in their own language.
  • Freedom to explore. Let babies explore the books. (However, remember that babies will try to chew the book!) Let babies turn the pages (if they can).
UK Delivery is FREE. Our book parcels can be delivered around the world.
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Lauren E.
United Kingdom
Such a wonderful gift idea

We got the 3 month book subscription for friends who just had a baby and they loved the gift so much! Definitely would recommend and order again!