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Paper Mache Fairy House (Part 1+2)


Make your fairy a new home

This is a super fun way to pass the time with your entire family and create a little (or big or huge) fairy house. You can be as creative as you would like to be!

For the first few steps you will need:

  • Bottles
  • Glue Gun
  • Tin foil
  • Masking tape

I think the fairy house recipe only requires very basic ingredients that we all have at home, which is fairytastic!

Ok, so, today I will show you the first few steps to create a basic fairy house shape. 

Next week we will take the paint brushes out of their dusty hiding spaces! Here is what you will need next week: 'precious' Paper towels, PVC glue and Acrylic paint (+paint brushes) and, most importantly, FAIRY DUST (either real or bought fairy dust, both works).

I have never done something like this before so, we will see next week if it has worked out!

 By the way, at first I thought that it would be a good idea to use paper clay for the sculpturing process . But I just couldn’t get the consistency right….because our Fairy Belle added too much fairy dust. So, I personally can't recommend the paper clay method. Paper clay

My paper clay mashed potato just didn't look right.

I decided to use the following technique instead:

1. Create a house-like shape with your bottles

Fairy house

You will have to cut them up a little bit to get the right shapes. Please leave the ‘inside bottle space’ open, i.e don’t glue the fairy house on cardboard or close up the bottles.  

Now it’s time to use your hot glue gun. Glue the different bottle bits together.

Obviously don’t let your wee one use the glue gun!  Hot glue really does hurt on your fingers (I burnt mine a few times).

 2. It’s time to sculpture with…..*drum roll* ...TIN FOIL

Fairy house

Create windows, doors and roofs with tin foil.                                                      You will need to use your hot glue gun to glue your shapes onto the bottles.

Fairy house

3. Cover EVERYTHING in masking tape

 Now you will have to cover your entire fairy house in masking tape. Bear in mind that the way you shape your masking tape is going to become part of the style of your house. You could go for a “wood effect” or a “rustic fairy house” effect. Either way, the masking tape is part of the sculpturing process.

Fairy house

Well done, you've got your basic fairy house now!

Part 2:

You will need: 

- PVC Glue
- Water
- Paper Towels
- Patience and
- Acrylic Paints
- Paint Brushes 

After covering your fairy house with masking tape, it should look a little bit like this:

Fairy House

 4. It's time to paper mache! 

Now the messy work starts. Mix PVC Glue with water (50/50). Tear the paper towel into strips. Take one of your strips, cover it in your glue-water mixture and stick it onto your fairy house. Alternatively, you can use a paint brush.

Fairy House

5. Let it dry.

Drying may take up to 24 hours. You can repeat the paper towel-PVC glue-water process if you are unhappy with the result.

Fairy House

6. Paint!

Once it is dry, it is ready to be painted. I used acrylic paints ( I love intense colours, as you can see). I'm still not fully done.

Fairy House

Your fairy house can also become a great hiding space for fairy lights. Simply put them into the open, hollow bottle space. Tadaaaa! You have created a magical fairy house lamp! 

I really hope that Bookshop Fairy Belle will like her new summer residence. 

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