• Marianne McShane

    Congratulations on this wonderful adventure! I was so excited when I saw your post pop up on FB. A shop for children’s books! And in County Down!! I am a former children’s librarian, just returned to live in my home town of Bangor after many years away. Looking forward to visiting your wee shop. Mach’s gut! Wunderbar!!!!

  • Ah…perhaps you should have tried to convince the husband that scraping wall paper would be good for muscle tone? Better than a workout in the gym! 😆
    Good luck with your new venture, making your dream a reality!

  • Bernie Millar

    Just want to wish you lots of encouragement and share my admiration of you for following your dream! It will be lovely to see children’s books promoted on the main street in Warrenpoint.
    I am a primary school teacher/ artist ( still working on registering in Northern Ireland) who has returned here after living / working in Belgium. I love the variety of quality picture books available today including those without texts. I’m looking forward to witnessing how you transform your magical love of books into local children’s / families’ hearts!

  • Louise guiney

    This will be lovely wee place to take my grandchildren. All the best with your adventure!!

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