Wee Bookworms is an Online Independent Children’s Bookshop & monthly UK Book Subscription Club for kids and teens.

All our books are carefully curated by our Child Development Expert & Wee Bookworms Founder Madeleine Neilly as well as by our fantastic team of bookworms. One of our team members is a very special one: Fairy Belle Bookworm! She is our magical reading support and fairy dust supplier.

How It All Started

Madeleine is the founder of Wee Bookworms and she is super, duper passionate about books. She has a whole collection of antique books at home that she regularly admires!

On a rainy day in Northern Ireland, Madeleine decided that it was time to fulfil her dream and, with a lot of help from her parents and husband, she opened her own children’s bookshop in the small seaside town of Warrenpoint.

The timing wasn’t perfect as the Wee Bookworms bookshop was swept right into the middle of a pandemic! 

She met the reading fairy at Wee Bookworms, and they became inseparable friends that powered through some very tough bookshop times.

Wee Bookworms Shop Illustration

My passion for books began when I was very young (probably Matilda’s age. You know Roald Dahl’s Matilda, right?) and since then books have been my steady companion throughout my many adventures around the world.

Madeleine Neilly
Wee Bookworms Story Illustration
Belle Bookworm Reading Fairy
Belle Bookworm

The Future of Wee Bookworms

Madeleine had to decide to close the bookshop… It was one sad victim of the pandemic. Luckily our book club subscriptions community continued to grow, Madeleine wrote a book with a sprinkle of fairy dust from our reading fairy and, with the help of creative elves and a talented illustrator from a far-away land, she is going to publish her very first picture book soon! The Wee Bookworms Team also has been working very hard on a new Online Independent Bookshop website with the sparkle and magic of a real Children’s Bookshop. We hope that you love our shiny new shop!

Wee Bookworms Team


Founder of WBW & child development expert


Partner at WBW & a wee Biologist


Wee Bookworm in charge of keeping office tidy

Belle Bookworm
Belle Bookworm

Book expert, reading support & fairy dust supplier

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